Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First "Fall" Family Photo Session & #78

I say "fall" because it doesn't feel like fall. It was 88 degrees yesterday. That is NOT fall weather! But, it did allow for a beautiful backdrop for my first set of fall family photos:



Mullins (3)

Mullins (42)

This was such a fun family! I hadn't met them before, but it turns out that they literally live just around the corner from us. And we drive exactly the same car, down to the color.

The whole extended family was there too, and we did a secondary session including everyone. It was really fun.

This shoot also helped me come DARN close to fulfilling #78 from my 101 in 1001 list, which was "Do 5 photo shoots for non-family members"--this session brought me up to 4/5!


  1. Those look great!!! One more and you can cross that off your list.

  2. those are great!! wish i lived near enough to you to use your services! :)

  3. This is a great session and I think you did a beautiful job. I love your bw conversions. I really struggle in that department and that was my "client's" preference.

  4. These are gorgeous Meredith! I'm so impressed.

    I agree with Claire, I wish I could use your services! Actually...we're planning a roadtrip to Vancouver next summer - through Oregon for a wedding to start the trip off and then up to Canada. Maybe I'll get in contact with you next summer when I have a better idea of where in Oregon we'll be going...

  5. Absolutely beautiful Mer! You'd have no idea that you didn't know them, they seem so relaxed with you!


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