Monday, September 27, 2010

Nothin But Snippets

- On Saturday, I had an AWESOME family photo shoot. I am so thrilled with the final results, and I can't wait to share a few after I have a signed model release. I've got another shoot this coming Saturday, and maybe a few little ones here and there too.

- After the photo shoot on Saturday, Justin and I got to go on a date. Our second since Lizzy was born. It was a great time, and we pushed through, even though the night was working out like it just wasn't meant to be. J and I went to Red Robin to grab a quick bite to eat before the game, and discovered when we walked in the door that it was homecoming. The place was PACKED with kids in formal gowns. The wait time was like three hours, so we went to the bar to eat, and proceeded to get kicked out because Justin's ID was too dirty. So, we went down the road to Applebee's, where they lost our food order. We eventually got served, and made it in time for the movie. Justin kindly bought me some frozen Junior Mints, only when we were eating them, one apparently fell into my purse and melted ALL OVER the keys of my Blackberry. That was just how the night went. But at least the movie was good {The Town} and the crazy events gave us something to laugh about.

-I am exhausted. I don't know if Lizzy is teething again or what, but her sleep has seriously deteriorated. The weird thing is that I hear her screaming, but I go into her room and I think she's still actually asleep. How early do night terrors start?

-My sidebar is lying to you guys. I'm actually reading Grapes of Wrath right now. I never read it in high school or college, and I'm surprised that I actually kind of like it.

- I will probably finish out the 30 Day Shred either this week or next. Woo for crossing off one of my 101 in 1001 goals!

-I feel like I'm in a recipe funk. Anyone have any good recipes to share?


  1. I am not sure if this qualifies as a good recipe or not, ;) but this is something I always go to when I run out of ideas: slice up some potatoes in thin chunks along with your choice of veggies (squash, onions, carrots and bell peppers are what I usually go for, but seriously anything goes). Mix with some oil and your favorite seasonings and roast in the oven until potatoes are done. I usually pair it up with schnitzel, but it would of course go well with whatever meat you are craving (or have on hand). I am sure you can add your own touch with a different glaze or veggie combo too, whatever you two like best! I feel like this might be a good meal to take advantage of your garden!

    I am really excited to see the results of your photo shoot!

  2. Ugh sounds like a frustrating night but I'm glad you guys were able to make the best of it!

  3. Glad you were at least able to salvage your date night. I hate nights like that, but they end up being so fun to reminisce!

  4. I, too, am in a recipe rut. So I have nothing to offer, but I am grateful you asked, because I can read the recipes in the comments:) So thanks!

  5. Lizzy is probably screaming in her sleep due to pain, not night terrors. My daughter did the exact same thing, and a little snuggle and possibly some Tylenol salvaged the rest of my sleep night. However, be careful because she will learn really fast that if she screams, you will come rescue her, so when she misses you during the night murderous screams will ensue!

  6. Me three on being in a recipe rut... we should do a recipe hop or something ;)

  7. Glad you two got the chance for a date night and you were able to laugh off the frustrating parts!

  8. I totally want to see that movie too, but I'm guessing I'll see it when it's on video. As usual. :)


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