Monday, September 20, 2010

Rock On

Lizzy has always loved watching her dad, uncle, aunts, and grandpa play music/sing. Recently though, she's taken an even greater interest in the guitar, and loves when I put my old guitar on the floor for her to strum. 

She plucks at the strings, pounds on the body of the guitar, and "sings". It is ADORABLE. She also loves to sit on my lap while I pluck out the few chords that I know.

The other day, I even swear she was playing air guitar. She went at it for several minutes--"strumming", and "singing". I even managed to snap a photo: 

Maybe it's just me, but I think baby girl is well on her way to mastering the air guitar--hilarious!


  1. Nice. She'll be a 1337 guitar player someday.

  2. Oh my...that is too funny! She is going to be a rock star! : )

  3. OMG, she's precious. Totally going to follow in her musical daddy's footsteps, huh?

  4. Oh my! She's totally air-guitaring!

  5. OMG. The air guitar is awesome!

  6. Isn't that fun? Carolina does the same thing. She loves to "play" the piano.

  7. I TOTALLY see that! Super cute!

  8. AWESOME! I am so glad you guys have an old guitar hanging around so she can play with it! It'll be so cool to see what talents she ends up having as a young bugger!


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