Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update to Breastfeding

Well, we've pretty much come to the end of the breastfeeding road. For almost two weeks, Lizzy has refused to breastfeed. Before, she would latch on, but pull off and scream. Now, I can't even get her to latch on--she kicks, screams, hits, and throws a hysterical fit any time it's time to nurse. The ONLY time I can occasionally get her to nurse is first thing in the morning if she is still half asleep.

We tried most of the things recommended by La Leche League for nursing strikes, but haven't made much progress. And quite frankly, even if it was just a nursing strike opposed to weaning, when you have an almost 8 month old who weighs only 12 pounds and has a tendency to lose weight easily, you can't wait as long to see if the strike resolves itself as you might be able to otherwise.

So, we're basically done. I have mixed feelings about it. I don't have a high-quality double sided pump, so if I were to pump enough to keep up with Lizzy's demand, I would literally be pumping all day long. So on to formula it is.


  1. I'm sorry.

    I had a hard time when I gave up pumping and went exclusively to formula. Now, though, I can look back and say I did everything in my power to keep it up, and it just wasn't possible. I think you've done the same thing. You gave it your all, went 8 months, and should be PROUD!

  2. I just wanted to say good job for making as far as you did! You SHOULD BE PROUD! :)

  3. Props to you for breastfeeding at all! Don't they say that any is better than none? Of course, I'm not a momma, but it seems like you've stuck it out longer than a lot of people have. So, go you! :-)

  4. It's not worth it to fight with her. You are making the best decision for you and your child. Good for you!

  5. Just echoing what everyone else said...You did an AMAZING job. No worries at all! I really believe you are doing the best for Lizzie now, especially if she's refusing to breastfeed.

    Be proud, mama.

  6. congrats on making it to 8 months! hopefully you don't have too much soreness and enjoy the opportunity to sleep on your stomach again!

  7. Lizard doesn't want it for a reason...Everything runs its course. Don't worry Mere. ;)

    P.S. Random personal question: how much bigger have your boobs gotten?

  8. This was about the same time that Brayden called it quits for us. The first few days were really hard for me, but I knew that it was best to not fight the inevitable. You did great for so long!

  9. I'm sorry! 8 months is something to be proud of, though.

    We were down to just one breastfeeding a day and Henry decided he was done last week, so we are done too.

    It's kind of sad, but he is happy and healthy so I'm happy with that.

  10. I'm sorry, mama. Just know that you're making the decision that is best for your daughter based on what you are experiencing. No one else is in your shoes.

    I have a perfectly healthy and happy 2-year-old who received formula for 11 months of his life :)

    No prob.

  11. I think you should be proud, Meredith! Some people don't make it a few weeks- because it is very difficult. You have to do what's best not only for your baby, but for YOU as well- and there's nothing selfish about that, AT ALL. Sounds like you made a good decision for you both. And just think- only 4 more months to buy formula, then on to whole milk!


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