Thursday, December 22, 2011

BQOTD--Beating A Dead Horse (aka A Santa Post)

I've seen about 100 blog posts this week with people taking what I think of in my head as a "Santa Stance"--explaining why they choose to do the whole Santa thing (or not). So, on one hand, I recognize that you all are probably feeling totally over this topic. But on the other hand, I just couldn't resist having this be my burning question of the day...I find the whole "Santa Debates" fascinating.

So, today's Burning Question of the Day is:

If you celebrate Christmas, do you/will you incorporate Santa into your Christmas traditions? If so, in what capacity? If not, why not?

(PS- If you've already posted about this on your blog, please feel free just to link us back there).


  1. I'll actually go ahead and respond to my BQOTD for once--we do incorporate Santa into our Christmas celebrations. We don't feel like Santa and Jesus have to be mutually exclusive. It's just not a conviction that we have, though I know some people feel very convicted to not incorporate Santa, and i have no problem if that's what their family has decided is's just not what we've decided is best for our little family.

    As for what we plan to tell Lizzy about Santa, we really like the explanation that my sister-in-law gives to her daughter, and think we'll probably incorporate something similar--that Santa is a real person who lived a long time ago, and gave gifts to others in secret as a way to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Today, Santa has lots of helpers (the santas you see in the store, people at church, friends, grandmas and grandpas, and sometimes even parents) who help him make sure that people all across the world are able to continue to spread the love of Christ by giving presents to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

  2. I talked about this a little in my Christmas traditions post, but we totally do Santa, though we try to keep it in check. I think you put it perfectly with "We don't feel like Santa and Jesus have to be mutually exclusive."

    But, I grew up/am Catholic and St. Nicholas was a big part of my upbringing - he was the original Santa Claus figure, so your sister-in-law's description is perfect. When I asked questions about Santa (1st grade thanks to playground chatter), my mom told me all about the Spirit of St. Nicholas/ Santa Claus and how we continue his spirit by believing in and acting as Santa/St. Nick.

  3. Ugh, seriously can't keep my 2 google accounts straight - that was me.

  4. We obviously don't have kids yet but we will do Santa as well. I love your sister-in-law's Santa explanation and I think we will go with something like that as well!

  5. We do Santa.

    It's a little magic & a little make believe, all wrapped up in a child-like faith.

    In short? I LOVE SANTA.

  6. We do Santa, as well. There is nothing better in childhood than being able to believe! I definitely want my kids to experience that.

  7. hi there :)
    nope, no santa for us ... (as you might have guessed :) )
    our girl gets 3 gifts from mama ... and is spoiled rotten by relatives and friends!!

  8. You already read my post, but yes, we do Santa - with an emphasis on Jesus. :)

  9. We don't have kids yet so it's not a hot topic at our house (although it will be next year and the upcoming years!). I really want to focus on the holiday being about Jesus' birthday but I'm sure we'll do some type of Santa. My boss explains it great to her kid by saying Santa is of your imagination but the gifts come from those who love you. I don't know exactly what the wording is but when it's time, I'll be asking her to write that down for me. Merry Christmas! PS Been praying for ya!


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