Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lizzy The Prophet

So, my sister-in-law Renee is pregnant with her third kiddo (yay! So excited to be an auntie again!). About the same time we found out that Renee was pregnant, Lizzy started talking about babies a LOT more. And some of it? Hysterical.

The other morning, I asked Lizzy if she had any dreams. Quite matter of factly, she responded, "Mama have baby. Blue hat. COMING SOON!!!"

Then tonight as we were laying her down for bed, she said, "Auntie Ney have baby in belly pink hat. Mama have baby coming soon, blue hat." I responded that we'll have to see about that, and Lizzy responded very seriously, "No mama, I see." LOL.

And since I know this will be asked, yes I'm starting to have a bit of baby fever. No, we're not currently trying because (a) I want to wait until the mystery bruise thing is dealt with and (b) our insurance through Justin's work has a $5,000 deductible PER PERSON. No, there's not an extra zero there. So, we need to do some research there about if we have the option to buy any sort of supplemental insurance.

But seriosuly, how funny would it be if Lizzy was right about this?!


  1. Awwww, you know, the baby fever sneaks up on you sometimes.

    I have to tell you, my sister is pregnant with a girl and Landon keeps telling everyone I have a baby in my belly. ACK! You should see my husband's face when he says it ;)

  2. Lizzy is awesome, I hope she is right! :).

  3. Haha, so cute! And HOLY COW with that deductible! We have a $2,000/family per year, I can't imagine a $5,000/person! Sheesh!

  4. It would be awesome. I am hoping she's right. :)

  5. You know what they say about little ones "knowing!" :)

  6. so cute! And you know my story about having a 'private' supplemental insurance during pregnancy. Not good at all. Not a lot even cover maternity claims, as far as I could tell from our research. But when there's a will there's a way. Baby Fever is no freaking joke.

  7. It's funny that she has such a specific vision. Very cute! Only time will tell :)

  8. Agh, wrong google account. That was me, sorry.

  9. I hope she is right... that would be so fun.

  10. This is hilarious!! I hope she's right. :)


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