Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Good Thing

I am desperately trying to change my outlook this morning. See, yesterday when I woke up, I caught up on some blogs, but anytime I'd try to leave a comment, I'd get a "problem loading page" error.

So, I abandoned that mission, and installed a Windows Update since that was on my to-do list too. And upon restart, both my ethernet port and my wireless card aparently no longer function. No amount of update uninstalling, driver reinstalling, system restoring, or other tricks have worked thus far, and I'm consequently writing this post on my Blackberry because we have no other computer.

Yesterday, I was GRUMPY. I kept whining about between the $1200 car repair, the possible skin cancer, and the broken laptop (the car repair used up our new-laptop fund), it just being TOO MUCH in one month.

And it still sucks, but I'm trying to remember that it will be okay and things will work out, and that I'm still blessed beyond measure.

So help a girl out, and tell me one good thing in your life right now. Would you, please? I need some rejoicing in blessings this morning!

PS- I'm trying to keep up with y'all here on my phone, but commenting is a real PITA, so I'm sorry for the radio silence on my end!


  1. Agh, I'm so sorry. Sometimes when bad thing after bad thing happens, it's hard to snap out of it and look around to see the good in the little things.

    So today - I'm thankful for my boys haircuts, I can finally see their eyes again. I'm thankful for quiet time, a shower, and coffee - all before they woke up. I'm thankful for the sunshine - even on crappy days it brings some kind of joy. Also, I'm thankful for Craigslist. :)

    Read through the Psalms this morning, I promise it will bring you some joy!


  2. Here's something related to health issues: I had some issues come up this weekend that could have been a series of bad issues (UC, Chron's, colon cancer...) but the dr said it was nada. NOTHING!! Hooray! Praying that you will receive the exact same results!!!

    If you can, I would take a "mental health day." Let your hubby take care of everything around the house, and just go out and do whatever you want to do -- shop, read at a coffee shop, run -- whatever. I think we all need some mental health time, especially when we have such stressful times.

  3. Ugh - no fun! Today I'm thankful that I got to spend the day yesterday with my sister-in-law and my niece on her third birthday. We made cookie balls (similar to cake pops) which we promptly dropped down the side of the fridge and onto the floor but had a great laugh about it. Don't worry - the good times will return!!

  4. I am having the same error when trying to comment on blogs! Very frustrating.

    One good thing: In about a month, we will welcome baby boy #2 into our family. He is a surprise blessing and we cannot wait!

  5. Sorry the morning has been a doosie. Hopefully it will get better through the week! Today I am extra thankful for my warm house and my SOLID relationship with my husband.

  6. I'm sorry yesterday sucked. It's okay to feel that way sometimes. Our lives are not perfect and disappointment comes and goes.

    I am really loving decorating our new house for Christmas. It puts me in a good mood!

  7. We've totally had those months. I'm sorry Meredith.

    My one good thing: I'm still pregnant! :)

  8. I feel like bad things always come in 3's. (or 4's, or 5's...) Hopefully things will start to turn around for you!

    My good thing? Theodore has taken a great nap today! For the first time all week!

  9. Real quick... so happy to hear Kristal is still pregnant! That is definitely a good thing.

    My good thing right now? Hmmm the first thing that came to mind is there are LOTS of cookies in my kitchen, along with a crockpot full of chili. Healthy eating wise that isn't so great, but it sure makes me happy!

    Hope your day/week/month starts to take an upward swing.

  10. This may sound weird, but if it's a laptop and you want to ship it across the country, my other half will fix it for you. I mean that in a non-blog-stalker sort of way.

    He's ridiculous at laptop fixing, and doesn't mind doing it. :)

  11. Today I finished Christmas shopping for the hubs and my Christmas cards came in the mail two days early.

    I also bought Jaxon the cutest little UofO shirt! :)

  12. I booked a cabin trip for Tony and I through a living social deal. A vacation. Tony + Me. I am so freaking happy.

    I really hope that this gets resolved quickly for you Meredith! :(

  13. It's almost tax season, which means refund time!!! (Well, hopefully, because if it doesn't mean that for you, I've probably negated everything everyone else said and totally brought you back down.) Whenever I start to stress about $$, I sit down & think about the next time I'll have even a few extra dollars. Whether it's tax time, my birthday, bonus time at work, whatever. Then I just focus on that until that time gets here. Hope you're having a better day!

  14. First thing that popped in my head was that I am pretty pleased with my psoriasis situation (relatively, of course). It hasn't gotten real cold yet either, but anyway, it's milder this year than last and for that I am grateful!

  15. I am grateful for my Secret Santa at work. It's been a rough time for me and by some miracle I have the most awesome Secret Santa ever. Each day I have had an amazing present that almost brings me to tears. I can't wait to see who it is!

  16. I am thankful we got to come home from the Emergency room today, and didnt have to stay at the hospital for Amerie's fever.

  17. I have good news... I am throwing up all day long but it is awesome.


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