Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snippets & Photos

-Today, I'm updating my blog from the most amazing, incredible new laptop. Seriously. Justin, my parents, and my sister all went in on the laptop for Christmas, and I was just so surprised and blessed that there are hardly even words to describe it. The CPU is supposed to be super, super fast, and so I'm excited to try it out eventually for editing photos--I'm sure it will be MUCH faster than my old laptop!

-My parents also gave us a wireless Blue-Ray player, and we set it up yesterday, along with the Netflix free trial so that we could stream movies and stuff to the TV. Our internet connection sometimes seems a little slow, but it still feels so luxurious to be able to watch almost anything at the click of a button. One thing I don't have a handle on yet--what is the Instant Queue? Can't you basically watch everything that pops up on the TV instantly? Does it just load it all up for you so you don't get any loading/buffering?

-Photo Time!

My side of the family after our annual Christmas Eve dinner.




Me and my sister. Don't we look alike?! ;)

Our sweet girl woke up screaming at 4am Christmas morning. I'm not sure if she was confused about where we were, or just excited. But she was UP. My parents are usually up by 5am, so we headed to the kitchen not that long after. Lizzy was thrilled to get a "mocha" in a coffee cup like everyone else. She also loved the egg milk (aka egg nog).


Justin got decked out in Perry-the-Platypus stuff!

Christmas Day
We headed back to our house around 11am. Lizzy was out like a light...thank goodness.

Then we headed to Justin's parents house for Christmas dinner. Payton and Logan also were decked out in Perry gear--clearly, Perry is a big hit in both sides of our family!

We had a great time at Justin's parents house too--it's always a crazy, busy, fun Christmas!

Yesterday, we mostly just hung out at home. I wanted to take our tree down, but that didn't happen. Oh well! Lizzy had a blast playing with some of her new toys, and it was pretty hilarious to see how she used them. For example, one of her aunts and uncles got her a Little Tikes car. She pushed it right in front of the TV, and created her very own drive-in!


I hope you guys had a great weekend!


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! My understanding of the instant queue is to save the things you want to watch. That way, when you are ready to watch them you don't have to go looking for them.

  2. You look smokin' hot and looks like it was a great Christmas!

  3. You guys all look great and I love Lizzy's pigtails.

  4. Oh... nothing like Christmas time..
    You look so Good on that Dress Girl! and that doll in a dress OMG! she looks SO cute!...
    It really looks like you guys had a blast... I'm so happy for that new laptop, I know you've been waiting for it. Tks for sharing this!

  5. Yay for a new laptop! Lizzy is just adorable!

  6. I love the picture of your mom and Lizzie.

    And look at you, hot mama! :)

  7. That dress so pretty and you look gorgeous! Love the drive-in, how fun.


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