Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snippets + Giveaway Winner

-Justin and I got to go on a real "date" on Saturday night to his annual company Christmas party. Sorry for the crappy cell phone photo, but it was all we got! I had been stressing out a bit that morning about what to wear to the party, but in a stroke of perfect timing, Lisa had sent an early Christmas present that arrived that afternoon, which just happened to include a dress and beautiful necklace! Lizzy stayed with Ryan and Renee, and they texted us about 9 to tell us that she was asleep, and if we wanted, we could just pick her up in the morning. So we did. And she did fine. I'm glad we did that--it'll be one less thing for me to worry about when we go up to Portland next month.

-We took Lizzy to see Santa at the library yesterday. She went right up to him and said, "Hi Santa! Ho, ho Christmas! Happy birthday baby Jesus! I love cookies!" Santa and Mrs. Claus asked how old she was, and were very surprised that she wasn't two yet. Santa said that she has a "tremendous command of the English language." It made me smile.

-We also went to look at Christmas lights last night. I've mentioned before that Lizzy is still usually rear-facing, but we turned her around to forward facing just to go look at the lights. And I've gotta say--I'm excited to turn her around for real...she was so much more interactive with us in the car. She LOVED the lights. It was so much fun to hear her sing "Joy to the World" at the top of her lungs as we were looking.


Here's an interesting tidbit--the house above was listed for sale in Sept 2010 for $548,500. It sold in November for $359,500. Ouch. Looks like the real estate market here in Oregon is still hurting!




- Megan posted about this today on Facebook, and it is such an awesome deal (I bought one for when we go to Portland) that I thought I'd share. If you go to www.todayshowrestaurant.com and enter the code TodayRestaurant, you can get a $500 gift card to restaurant.com for $30. It's sponsored by the Today Show, and is up on their website as well.

-The winner of the Love Came Down Giveaway is:

Congrats! Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. So funny, we turned Thomas forward to look at lights this year, too. He loved it, and I did, too! Too bad he's got at least 6 months to go before he can be turned for good!

    Such cute pictures! Fun time of year with the kiddos!

  2. 1. You are so brave! I'm so scared to switch Jaxon forward facing to even look at lights because I'm afraid going back will be a wreck!

    2. I'm so glad you guys got out and got a real date! I'm glad that Lizzy Lou did just fine with family!

    3. Your child does have incredible language skills! :)

  3. a500 dollar gift card for 30 dollars? wow! :)

    Glad Lizzie had a successful sleepover so you can feel less guilty about your trip.

  4. Love Everything abt this post!
    LOVE real Dates, they are muchneededGodsendgifts! LOL.
    Beautiful pics Mere! as usual.
    Happy to hear Miss Lizard's first sleepover evah went just fine.
    So good to hear your cheerful self back.


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