Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Thoughts

There's a retreat going on for my Mom's Group this weekend--unfortunately, I couldn't go because I already have to present the new church website that Justin and I just finished at the voter's meeting this Sunday. I'm sad that I don't get to go and get to know everyone better, but instead I get to visit with my aunt and uncle, who are in town. Fair trade, if you ask me!

I'm crossing my fingers big time that the 80 degree weather predicted actually comes to fruition this weekend. I feel like I *need* some sunshine, and also to break out some fun spring clothes. I feel like we are going to skip spring entirely and go right to summer....weird!

I'm not usually against coffee during pregnancy, but I've been drinking almost none this time because it just doesn't sound good...except for a white chocolate mocha from our local coffee place, which is funny because that's usually the LAST thing I would order. I hate white chocolate!

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Some of you already heard this story, but one morning this week, I went to get Lizzy out of her room once she woke up, and she yelled "BUENOS DIAS!" I totally had a proud-mom 'aren't we doing a great job introducing her to Spanish' moment...and then I realized it actually probably had more to do with the fact that we've been watching a LOT of Dora while laying on the couch this week. Oh.

But, we've also been watching a lot of Iron Chef America lately around nap time, because Lizzy is apparently not a fan and usually falls asleep whenever it's on. The other day, after the chairman announced the secret ingredient, she yelled "Allez cuisine!" This is also why darn near everything other than Iron Chef America is off-limits to watch while she's awake--this kiddo picks up EVERYTHING.

I've been stressing out a little, because Justin is taking on some extra responsibility at church. I sort of saw this coming in advance, but also....didn't because no one had spoken to him or I about it directly. I don't love what this means for our family (more time that Justin's gone). We just have so little amount of time at home as a family as it is, and so I'm kind of anxiously bracing for the summer, when I feel like our lives are going to ramp up times 1,000 and Justin is going to be gone a LOT. I also feel like I have to toe the line a little bit with what I say (and how much I flip out about it, even though I don't want it to happen) because I'm not sure whether this is something that J really wants to do and feels called to do, or whether it's something that he's doing because he feels like there's no one else to do it if he doesn't, ya know? Justin is so giving and so immediate to jump in and say "yes" whenever someone needs help...which I love, but I also sometimes feel like if one more thing is added to our plate from any direction, I may either cry or throw up. Or both. It'll be okay though...I think Justin has expressed this this extra commitment is temporary, until a more permanent solution can be found...which I'm thrilled about...but I still get really nervous, because sometimes I feel like with church stuff, the temporary often becomes permanent!

Did you all see Beth Anne's post A Call for Responsible Discourse? If not, please go read it--it was one of the most important posts I read this past week. I agree with her 100%--lately, I feel like I've been seeing people toss around words like "abuse" and "neglect" a lot as they relate to parenting choices (i.e. formula versus breastmilk, or the situation Beth Anne describes)...and that really gets me fired up. Our words have weight, always. They uplift, or put down. They are not innocuous.


  1. Right before I got pregnant I was on a iced coffee kick ( made at home) and now? I can't even stand the smell of it which is both horrible, since my husband makes coffee everyday and good since I really don't need the extra caffeine
    ( with my 1 cherry coke a day)

  2. I like white chocolate mochas only if they're about half as sweet as most coffee shops make them. So good!

    Here's hoping for 80º weather! <3


  3. Cam watches an episode of Diego each day, and his Spanish is pretty impressive. It to totally catches me off-guard sometimes, like when he was helping me plant some flowers and was singing "excavar!" If our kids watch television, it's got to teach them something! Can't feel bad about that!
    I can relate to the commitment/church thing. Jons parents are the pastors (I think you've mentioned that Justins are too?) so there's that extra expectation that their kids should always be filling the needs all the time. It can be frustrating!

  4. I love these posts! So funny about Lizzy's Spanish - hey, it's coming from somewhere!

  5. Amen to Beth Anne's post! I would love 80 degree weather too, rather than the expected close to 100 we're about to have here!

  6. When I first found out I was pregnant with E, I was working full-time, and every morning I went to Dunkin' Donuts for a LARGE caramel iced latte. Once pregnant, it was the ONLY thing, throughout my pregnancy (until about week 30) I simply could not drink. Didn't make me sick - I just couldn't stand the taste, and was so sad, I kept trying, every couple of weeks, just to see if it had changed...haha. :)

  7. I'm with you on the white chocolate. It's NOT real chocolate, people! ;) I understand the feeling of being overcommitted. I'm a PK, so it sort of went with the territory back in the day. One of my dear friends is a Pastor's wife, and she always seems to get sucked into picking up the slack for other people. No, is a hard word to say, especially when it involves "God's work." Hang in there, Meredith. If you go to the Lord with this concern, He will either remove it, or give you the strength to endure it. He's pretty awesome that way! Wishing you a week of 80 degree weather... -M

  8. I love hearing about Lizzy's spanish. Who cares where it came from? I'd take all the credit if I were you. ;)


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