Monday, April 2, 2012

Reframing Monday

Bah! Justin's stupid alarm clock had already gone off five times by like 6:30am, and now I'm awake earlier than I need or want to be and can't fall back asleep.
Reframed: I'm up a half an hour earlier than Lizzy will be, and it's good for my soul to get up and have a cup of coffee before she does. I've been talking about going back to the getting-up-early routine anyway. 

Bah! I totally spaced it and forgot to make a payment last month to the pediatrician!!!! UGGGHHHHH!!!!! They are going to hate me forever for this and send me nasty letters! How can I get out of this?!
Reframed: I just plum forgot--it wasn't intentional and it wasn't malicious, but it was still my fault. I'll call them later this morning and own up, and it won't be the end of the world. If I get a nasty letter, it's because they were doing their job, but the situation has been rectified, so it can just go in the trash. No biggie. 

Bah! It's raining....again! I hate all this stupid rain and want some sunshine! 
Reframed: We need the rain to avoid a drought this summer. Besides, I don't have to go anywhere anyway...who cares if it's raining? Perfect excuse for a morning in sweats!   

I am convinced that I'm much grumpier when it's raining, and man, it has been raining NON STOP lately. Still, it's going to be a good day. I demand it--there's no reason for it not to be! 


  1. I am so jealous of your rain, I would do anything for some Oregon moisture! *sigh* I suppose I should do some reframing of my own today :P

  2. I love that you're consciously trying to reframe things that are not-so-good into positives. We need more people like you!

    To make you feel better, I recently forgot to pay my credit card (!!!!) bill and flipped because I didn't want my interest rate shooting through the roof. Luckily, I immediately called my credit card company and let them know how it was completely an accident and I could pay a big chunk and I was so sorry, and the woman was awesome and just reversed the late fee charge and made sure my interest rate didn't change ("Oh, Miss Lake, I see you're a great customer! It's already reversed."). Thank heavens for good customer service! Here's hoping your pediatrician is similar!

  3. Love this post! So important to reframe things. Thomas woke up screaminga t 5:45 and has been throwing a temper tantrum since...I'll work on reframing the morning riiiiight now.

    Also, I'm totally on the same page as you with 1 - my day goes so much better when I wake up before T does, it's just so hard to do.

  4. I love this. Love your heart!

  5. So perfect to hear this morning!

  6. Or . . . this afternoon. I'm definitely having a Monday.

  7. This should be a regular post! I personally love Mondays and pretty much always have (Chem freshman year was a bit of a downer, I will could we have reframed that?!?)

    1. Impossible. Monday morning Chem class sucked, no matter how you looked at it.

  8. mere ...
    i so agree: perspective reframes are CRUCIAL!! they can literally make or break our days.
    and ps - wasn't the sunshine great this afternoon, after all?! :)

  9. I hope your monday was a good one. Or at least no rain today.


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