Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday (Friday) Thoughts

Justin's home from work today, and I can hear him making oven pancakes with Lizzy for breakfast. It makes my heart happy hearing him tell her, "This is called cooking flour, now stir it together," and her responding, "I LOVE cooking flour! I'm a really good helper!"

I bought a hydrangea, and I'm super excited about it. Now, I just have to decide where to plant it! My instincts are to plant it on the front side of the house, but I'm second guessing that a little because don't they look kind of gross in the winter since they drop their leaves? Also, the tag says it's partial shade...but I thought hydrangeas could tolerate shade, but mostly prefer sun?

I finally got a real workout in yesterday, and man I'm sore today, but in such a good way. I did the tone/sculpt DVD from Turbofire--I don't know why it didn't occur to me to try it before. I still end up sweating my booty off, but without the seasick jumping around of regular Turbofire. Plus, it has a decent abs/core section, very little of which includes laying on your back...which is definitely a plus for me. I pretty much gave up ab exercises entirely during pregnancy last time, and I'd like to do more this time!
More Pinterest recipes this last week! I love Pinterest for trying out new recipes. There have admittedly been several which I did. not. like. at. all, but overall, it's an amazing resource.

Source: via Meredith on Pinterest
 Mexican Stuffed Shells. These are awesome. The whole family loves them. 


 I took this Bacon, Cheddar, and Ranch loaf to at BBQ. It was gone before I really got any, but from the little bite I had, I think it was pretty darn good! 

 I took this Garlic Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad with Asparagus and Tomato to the same BBQ, and came home with almost all of it. It was definitely not a fan favorite, but I liked it. The dressing didn't give it a ton of overt-flavor and I left out the parsley, but I sort of liked that you could really TASTE the tomato and asparagus. Sometimes, I'm in the mood for simple food. 

I also made this recipe that Kim @ Newlywoodwards posted last week. I had to make a few substitutions (we only had brown rice, and I used cream of chicken soup instead of cream of mushroom), but I really liked it. I thought for sure that we'd have leftovers, since Justin isn't always a huge mushroom fan, but after a few rounds of "This is GOOD!", it was totally gone. I'm not usually a big fan of cream of _________ soups, but I thought this was really good. Next time I might try it with golden mushroom soup! It's a great comfort-food classic! 

Yesterday, we were at Target, and Lizzy told me she wanted to go to the bathroom (which just about deserves a standing ovation in and of itself). We walked over, but we were there around lunch time, so naturally the bathrooms were closed for cleaning (I've never understood this, but hey, at least they are clean). Lizzy said, "That's okay mom, I hold it til Taco Bell." I wasn't really PLANNING to go to Taco Bell for lunch, but how could I resist after that?! Then while going to the bathroom at Taco Bell, Lizzy said, "We need to call dad to fix Target." Man, she cracks me up. I didn't really know that she understood what Justin did at work!  

If this is your sort of thing, what are a few of your favorite worship songs? I feel like with the exception of some of the popular ones currently on the radio, I've been listening to most of the same ones for years.


  1. I love that Lizzy knows what her dad is doing even when he's not home. So cute!

    Some of my favorite current worship songs are:
    Break Every Chain (Jesus Culture)
    You Make Beautiful Things (Gungor)
    The Great I Am (New Life Worship)

    Some oldies but goodies:
    Marvelous Light
    Come Thou Fount (David Crowder Band)

  2. We have hydrangeas along the side of our house that get sun maybe half the (maybe not even that much) and while they grow and bloom, they don't thrive. My mom has two hydrangeas in the front of her house that get sun for about 75% of the day and they thrive - big, beautiful, prolific blooms. I'm totally jealous of hers.

  3. Hydrangea do not tolerate heat very well and need to be watered daily if they are in sun. Think about their very name Hydr - water. :)I'd plant it in the least amount of sun, as I've successfully killed two now.

    Sweet, sweet memory of Justin and Lizzy.

    I LOVE orzo dishes!

  4. I made those Mexican shells last week too! I loved that recipe... especially that it was so easy :-) What did we do without Pinterest?

  5. I love Lizzy stories. She cracks me up just reading about the things she says. :)

  6. I might have to give those Mexican shells a try, they look tasty. And Lizzy stories always make me smile :).

  7. Mmmm that food looks awesome! As far as worship music, check out Jesus Culture, they have some pretty great stuff!

  8. Those Mexican shells look amazing! If you loved them, I am sure I would too! I'll go check it out ASAP.

    My favorite worship song has always been (and will always be) Michael W Smith's Forever. Old school!

  9. Oh my goodness all that food looks so yummy!! I guess I should go cook dinner eh? ;) I saw that you pinned the orzo salad and wondered if it was good. I love asparagus and cherry tomatoes. Unfortunately it will have to wait til I am somewhere that I can get decent produce!

  10. Now I'm hungry! And your little girl= totally adorable! MMMMM Taco bell ;)

    Lately, I love Everlasting God (if just for the, "strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord" part!), Came to my Rescue, and I know those are old, but they've been only recently on my mind!

  11. I am a HUGE fan of Matt Redman's 10,000 Reasons, CD. Every song moves me. That doesn't usually happen for me. I usually like 2-3 songs at best on any given album. So it's saying something when I love EVERY song on an album. You can check it out on youtube. In fact, here's a link:

  12. I can't handle looking at the food you made. It all looks 10 times better than anything I have eaten this week!

  13. All of that food looks so yummy! And yay for workouts - I am about to start Jillian Michael's Shred...I've heard it's insane, but my coworker looks unbelievable after a few weeks of it!

    Happy Sunday, dear!

    Keep Shining,

  14. i am so impressed that you did a *real* workout. for some reason, when i'm prego, i drop all serious exercise and just try to get in a good walk each day. i have to remember: being pregnant doesn't mean i can't get an intense sweaty workout in! ah. i think it was fear during my pregnancy w/J and that's just lingered ... but oh boy, my body needs it. :) i saw some pics of myself the other day: sobering. lol.

  15. Worship thoughts:
    - New Life Church and/or Desperation Band (my home church!)
    - Kari Jobe
    - Jesus Culture

    Mexican shells look amazing... adding it to my grocery list this week!


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