Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mundane Beauty: Version 3.0


Hello family Easter pictures...even though I hate pictures of myself right now and always forget that if I tuck my hair behind my ear, it looks like I have a funky blonde spot. Oh well.

Hello homemade ice cream...for breakfast. After 40 days of no ice cream, candy, cookies, or anything that qualifies as a dessert, if this is my one big splurge, I think it'll be okay.

Hello GIANT pile of dirt in my backyard...which will eventually (hopefully) transform our backyard of star thistle to a backyard oasis. Or at least a patch of grass to play on.

Hello purple irises. You are always my favorite.

Hello editing a newborn session. Almost finished :)

Hello dinner in the Crock Pot!


  1. What photo editing program do you use?

    1. For actual photo sessions, I shoot in RAW. I do a preliminary edit in Adobe Bridge/Camera Raw, and then sometimes touch up in Photoshop (I have CS2).

      For everyday stuff, I usually just jump right to CS2. Hope that helps!

  2. I love this entire post! And your hair is so long! I think I may have said that before. I like.

  3. That newborn photo just makes me melt! Excited to see the backyard progress, and I think you look great in your easter pictures! What a gorgeous family!

  4. Hello, Meredith! I didn't even notice your "funky blonde spot" until you pointed it out. Even then, I didn't think it was all that funky. Pretty, yes. Funky, no. :)

    btw- What are you cooking in that crockpot? It looks yummy.

    Wishing you a week FULL of wonderful!

  5. Hello beautiful! I love the pictures! What a lovely reflection on life :)

  6. Hi and Congratgulations on your pregnancy!
    Thats exciting! I'm pregnant too, 21 weeks. half way there. Second Boy for me!
    I'm from Portland, OR as well! I found your name on the Portland Bloggers List and wanted to stop by and say hello. Theres so much to see here on your blog and read I'm excited already!
    Well I hope you attend to the next meet up, its this Saturday at 5! If you come, I'm the girl with the bump, you wont miss it.
    Nice to meet you and Congrats again! Hope you have a healthy pregnancy and journey ahead.


  7. your hair has gotten so long! I would kill for some of that dirt in your backyard. It's hard to get clean dirt around here and we need some for our corn maze! ;)

  8. Those photographs of the fam look adorable! I didn't notice said chunky blonde spot until you said it, but I still think you look fab!

    <3 <3 Woohoo!


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