Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I wasn't here yesterday to do a proper Thursday Thoughts post (you know....on a Thursday) because I was out and about doing a newborn session!



Oh be still my heart! I seriously love newborn sessions so much, and it had been months since I'd done one previously. Not to be all melodramatic, but it felt like coming home :)

PS- funny story--this baby, Hannah, was in the hospital for a time with jaundice. Lizzy heard us talking about it, and now often thinks this baby is named John ;)

Man, it has been seriously difficult to make payment arrangements with OHSU regarding the skin cancer procedure back in January.  They told me that since what we could afford to pay each month was unacceptable, we'd need to fill out financial aid paperwork. Fine. I dutifully sent in the paperwork, two years of tax returns, and a letter giving a more detailed description of our budget and expenses since the "official" paperwork literally only asked about income and assets, and not at all about basic living expenses. Anyway, I got a letter back last week saying that I had provided insufficient proof of income and that we need to provide pay stubs from August-Decemeber of last year. Never mind the fact that in my attached letter I explained that of the two choices listed for verifying income (pay stubs for four months OR taxes), I had chosen taxes because in August-December, Justin worked at a prevailing wage job, which has now finished, and those four months of income have pretty much zero bearing on his normal, actual income, or consequently what we can afford to pay each month. Two years of tax returns gives a much more accurate picture of our income. But then again, I'm not sure that OHSU actually cares about having an accurate picture of our income.

Oh, and they are also making me send a notarized statement that I'm a stay-at-home mom, and don't have any income...which seems kind of silly, because they have my tax returns, which even include my HOBBY income...but whatever.

Our house is a dis-as-ter lately. I just feel like I CANNOT catch up! This is probably largely due to the fact that 98% of my day is still consumed with "Tell me if you have to go potty, okay?" and "Let's go sit on the potty!" basically every 15 minutes to half hour, lol.

One of my favorite parts of the day is in the morning, asking Lizzy about her dreams. She just has such a fun imagination, and loves to tell all kinds of stories--usually involving a 'not-scared' polar bear. Today, when I asked about her dreams, she told me all about a blue and pink rooster that was really gentle. :)


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with the hospital. I really hope you can get it resolved. I know that must be SO frustrating and just create a cloud over you.

  2. Love Lizzy's imagination Nsnthatbshe thinks the baby's name is John. :) Hate the trouble you are having with the hospital. How obnoxious.

  3. What the hospital is doing just doesn't seem fair. Don't back down- keep fighting and hopefully things will work out in your favor!!

  4. And excuse that weird autocorrect. :-/

  5. I'm right there with you on not being able to keep up with the house. Sorry to hear about #2, what a pain!

  6. Uh, again, freaking me out with the Thursday Thoughts on Friday ;) I thought I was crazy for a minute! haha! Miss you friend. Hope the hospital pulls their heads out soon. Also, those photos are making my ovaries twitch! Totally miss that squishy newborn phase!

  7. Not scared polar bears are the best! Also, that newborn? So beautiful! I love it.

  8. What an adorable newborn! Gives me baby fever...sigh.

  9. What a cute newborn! Gives me major baby fever...sigh. I don't know how you can do it without coming home and telling your husband you want a million more babies! haha!

  10. What adorable newborn photos! :) SO loving them!


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