Monday, March 12, 2012

More of the "Give Me My Tank Top Back" Saga

On Friday, I blogged about my experience on arriving home from Target on Thursday to discover that an item was missing from my bag. In a nutshell, initially I was told to come on in and they'd replace it, no problem. So, I made a special trip back in to town, only to essentially be told that that they didn't believe me, and that they had to "review the tape" to make sure I was telling the truth (and wasn't a thief, apparently).

I tweeted about it, and @Target responded promptly, but I was told that all they could do was file a complaint about the local store, so that's what I did.

I heard nothing until Sunday, when I realized that the manager who'd treated me like crap on Friday had only taken down my phone number, and no other information like when I'd visited. I called at about noon on Sunday, explained the situation, that I was checking in to see if the tape had been reviewed and to provide any additional info needed if it hadn't been reviewed. I was told that a manager would call me right back...only I never received a call yesterday.

This morning, I called the store as soon as they opened, and explained that I was following up again, because I'd really like that tank top. You know, the one that I paid for. The customer service rep sighed heavily and said that yeah, they had my name and phone number at the desk, but that they can't actually do anything until I provided a string of numbers at the bottom of the receipt along with the date and time that I'd been in the store...I'm not sure why they didn't ask for this information the first time I came in with the receipt. I'm not sure why they didn't ask for this information when I called to check on the status of "reviewing the tape" for the first time. But somehow, it seemed that this lack of info was my fault instead of theirs.

Anyway, they now apparently have all the info they need, and will review it when their loss protection person comes in...though customer service couldn't tell me when that would be. But really, after this whole experience, I honestly don't have any confidence that they will ever replace this tank top. I'm not sure whether or not they'll even watch the video, and if they do, I'm sure it will somehow end up being my fault, as has been my experience thus far. 

I'm not upset that they need to review the tape before replacing the item.

But I AM UPSET that I was given incorrect information initially by a Target employee, and drove back into town for no reason.

I AM UPSET that after driving back into town, I was essentially treated like a thief (which is particularly ironic, as during this shopping trip I got out to the car and realized that I hadn't actually paid for a $2 item, so I went back inside to pay for it) while standing in the Target store.

I AM UPSET that the manager on duty (do I ever wish I had his name now) didn't even pretend to believe me, and didn't take down the appropriate info to even review the tape.

I AM UPSET that my contact info, including my phone number, sat at the customer service desk all weekend, and no one called to say that they needed additional info from me.

I AM UPSET that when I called and asked if any additional info was needed, I was told I'd be called right back and received no call.

I AM UPSET that throughout this whole process, no one at Target had apologized. Not for being given the incorrect information initially. Not for any of the other numerous ways that customer service has dropped the ball since then.

I'm sorry if you guys are tired of hearing of this saga, but I honestly feel like I'm being stonewalled by the local Target store, and my blog is the only outlet I have left to talk about this. Because it sucks.

My initial gut-reaction is to say that I won't shop at Target until this tank top is replaced. And since we often buy diapers there, it's not beyond the realm of possibility to say that we spend $100 a month there on average. Yeah, that's only $1200 a year, which is probably small change to the big-wigs at Target, but that's $1200 that they potentially may not receive because of how I was treated over an $8 tank top. I hope it was worth it Target.

Honestly, I can't say that I'll never shop at Target again, but after this experience, I don't think it will be the first place I go anymore.

This sucks, and I want for Target to make it right so badly.


  1. I so wish that I still worked there and could pretend like I could something to help. This sucks. Majorly. I'd contact corporate again.

  2. They have so much consumer data, they KNOW you haven't done this before, make it an issue.

  3. Ditto. I won't shop at Target until this is remedied (for me, I don't mind shopping at – gasp – Walmart).

  4. Sorry this is such a saga! My sister in law had that happen a few years ago with Target. She bought dog food and the cashier scanned it twice, but she was buying so much other stuff she didn't realize that she'd been charged twice until she got home. (And we live 30 - 40 minutes from Target too!) They gave her the whole "we need to review the tape" runaround for quite awhile, but I think she finally got her money back.

  5. I won't go into Target. That's terrible.

  6. That is really terrible. I would be upset too, and agree with Leah - continue to make it an issue.

  7. I've seen this happen before with them, as well as many other issues. As a result, I have boycotted them as much as possible for the past several years. The only time I'm in there buying something is if I'm forced (baby registry or the like). Their customer service is just horrendous. I really hope you get better results!

  8. I worked at that Target in high school and HATED it! I think I only lasted about 6 months. Yeah, that was 12 years ago, but I imagine some of the upper management is the same. Good luck and I'd keep on them! It shouldn't matter if it's $2 or $200 - they need to make it right.

  9. There is nothing worse than having your integrity called into question. Especially, after you've already proven it by going back to pay for an item that was missed. If it makes you feel any better, I have some major, righteous indignation going on, on your behalf! Sending hugs of comfort your way...

  10. That's so crazy! I am SO sorry they're treating you like that! :(

  11. Ugh. You have completely valid reasons to be upset. As a retail store, they have to deal with this situation all the time. And it sounds like the employees need a little customer service training, because that is really what they are selling - not a shirt or diapers - a customer experience. I really hope this gets worked out for you.


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