Friday, March 9, 2012

Bummer, Target.

Yesterday, Lizzy and I went to Target. I bought one of their basic white tanks--I don't own a white tank top, so I was pretty excited about it. As we were loading stuff into the car, I realized that this pretty turquoise cutting board that was on clearance for like $3 had fallen into the side of the cart and I hadn't paid for it. So, we went back in and I paid for the $3 cutting board, and we went on our merry way.

Only I got home, unpacked everything, and realized that I didn't have the white tank top, even though it was on my receipt. I called the store right away to ask if I'd left a bag, and they said no, but to come on in any time and they'd replace the tank top anyway. I wasn't expecting that to be the outcome, but I was so impressed with their customer service. It felt awesome to be trusted and believed. And really, it was probably a win-win for Target because while they may replace an $8 tank top, I'd probably spend (at least) another $60 while I was in the store.

So today, we made a special trip into town. We really try to conserve our trips into town, but thought this was worth making the trip two days in a row. I told Justin I wanted to do some more shopping while we were there. Only, when I got to Target and explained the situation, I was told that no, they would NOT replace the tank top, regardless of what I'd been told the night before. They said that they'd need to review the security tape in order to make sure that I hadn't actually taken the tank top, and that when they got around to it, they'd call me and tell me whether or not they'd replace it.

I'm not upset about the fact that they have to review the tape--though I do wish they would have said THAT and not "Yeah, come on in and we're happy to replace it!" over the phone, because now I'm out a tank top AND the gas that it took to drive in to town and back a second time. But I am upset about the tone that was used towards me through the process this morning--I didn't even feel like they were pretending to trust what I was saying, and that sucked. I felt treated as someone who was trying to steal from them ( 'We'll have to review the tape to make sure you didn't actually take it. And when we get around to that, we'll give you a call'). I'm not trying to steal from them--heck, I even came back in to pay for a $3 cutting board. I was just kind of excited about actually having the white tank top that I paid for.

Target saw me Tweet about the issue and asked me to call--I did, and they lodged a complaint...but I'm doubtful that anything will come of it after my experience in the store today (none of the three people I spoke to seemed to care, or believe me)...which is really a bummer.

But really, it's their loss--because I walked out of the store without a single other thing, despite the fact that I had planned to buy quite a few things while there. I just couldn't do it with the bad taste that this experience left in my mouth, and I'm not sure how long it'll be before that taste goes away.


  1. That sucks! I don't really get why they would be that way. Honestly, if someone wants to steal an $8 tank top, they're just going to do it. They aren't going to go to the counter and pretend that they forgot it. And is it really worth angering a loyal customer over? Bad move, Target.

  2. Ugh. That sucks that they basically treated you off the bat (in the store) as a thief over a tank top that cost what? $10? You would think they would give benefit of the doubt and use it as an opportunity to create good feelings/positive customer service buzz.

  3. That's too bad. I've had that happen a few times and they've always replaced it, no problem. I've even been given someone else's bag by mistake and they told me that if I didn't have the time to bring it back that it was no big deal.

  4. I've never experienced that myself but one of targets huge downfalls is their return policy. It's a CHORE to take back anything. And if you don't have a receipt, forget about it. I LOVE target but hate any time I have an issue.

  5. I've never experienced that myself but one of targets huge downfalls is their return policy. It's a CHORE to take back anything. And if you don't have a receipt, forget about it. I LOVE target but hate any time I have an issue.

  6. Hey, lurker here. Just had to comment...
    I love Target merchandise but their customer service can sometimes be awful. One time I went to return an item (that I had bought online) at the store near my house. Despite the fact that I had my online receipt they could not give me a refund because they could not find the item in their computer. The people in the store went to great lengths to help me, but the higher ups that they called for assistance in helping me process the return were no help and didn't even care that they could not provide me with an answer. I was appalled that although I was within the allowed time frame, and I had my receipt, they could not give me a refund. In the end I went on one of the computers in the customer service area and looked up the item number (which wasn't listed on the receipt for some reason) and they were finally able to process my return. The customer service can be really hit or miss. I have a friend who completely boycotts target because of their lousy return policy (she used target for her wedding registry and they wouldn't let her return things she got duplicates of without a receipt).

  7. total bummer. They need to step up their customer service game, for reals.

    I've had this happento me several times and i've never had an issue but to actually go through tapes? ridiculous!

  8. That's so bizarre - I'm sure that they get taken on stuff like this, but an $8 tank top, really? I doubt that's going to really hurt Target's bottom line. Hope their video shows you coming back to pay for something you easily could have taken.

  9. Wow! That's really terrible! I think it's great that they didn't hassle you about it on the phone and agreed to replace it. I think that was the right thing for them to do and I think it's terrible not only the tone they took with you, but that they didn't honor their original promise conveyed to you on the phone the day before. That's extremely poor customer service. I'd be pretty angry if I were you! I really hope something comes of it. Maybe corporate will do something about it. I'd be surprised, but I hope so!

  10. Oh's a STINKIN' tank top! And the funny thing is, Mere, we think it's an $8 item but to them, it's worth pennies.

    What makes me so sick is that huge corporations like this don't HAVE to care about one upset customer. I had a really bad experience at a Target once and I decided to email their corporate headquarters. When I got a pre-written response that barely acknowledged what I wrote, I was livid. It really does make me mad.....

  11. Reading this makes me so mad. For one, I've always thought that Target's return policy is horrible. I get that they are probably trying to prevent loss, but they are losing customers too. In my experience I've found their customer service to be hit or miss, depending on the store. Why is it not consistent, all across the board?
    I find it absolutely appalling that they needed to "review the tape." They are pretty much accusing you of stealing. A good company with fantastic customer service would have taken your word for it and let you have it. I guess I just tend to hold stores to a higher standard since I worked in a department store (similar to Nords) where the customer was always right, 100% of the time.

  12. I would be a complete pain about it, and call them relentlessly until they actually reviewed the tape. And of course, I'd continue to make sure everyone I know has this info! (btw - Twitter seems to get to companies much better than bad blog reviews - if you have one, I'd definitely tweet about it!)

  13. Boo to Target! Good for you for not shopping there after

  14. The more I read this the angrier I am! I am so sorry Mere. Karma has a way of circling, and someway another store or person will make up for this huge oversight. <3 Thinking of you.


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