Monday, March 5, 2012

Mundane Beauty: Version 2.0

Living in Oregon can be a little different than living anywhere else--we have snow here almost all winter, but it's up in the hills, not often on the valley floor. It's easily accessible almost any time you'd like to see it, but also doesn't often intersect with everyday life.

But last week, it snowed. Just a little, but more than I think it's ever snowed in this particular city since we moved here in 2008. We'd taken Lizzy up to the snow just before she turned one, but this was probably the first snow that she remembers.









  1. This girl is far too big to be Lizzy, I don't believe your photographs.

  2. oh my goodness how is she getting so big?? beautiful little girl and lovely pictures :).

  3. Cute flower hat! Did you make it? Buy it? Either way, it's cute and makes for even cuter pictures! :)

  4. Echoing Sar, I barely recognize her. She's just entirely too big. But GORGEOUS.

  5. SO cute! Arizona is a bit like that it doesn't snow, but we live just a few hours from where it does.

  6. These pictures are great! And I have to say that your little girl is looking more and more grown up every time you take photos. I almost didn't realize it was her at first glance. (I'm sure you love for me to tell you that. ;))

  7. those are gorgeous pictures!

  8. She looks SO BIG in all these pictures! She is beautiful, and looks just like her beautiful Momma! :)


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