Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

So, my local Target store never called me back. Ever. I called them either six or eight times during this whole process and was always told someone would call me back, but I never received a single call. BUT, after calling the 800 number again and shooting off an email to the CEO, someone from the executive office called, apologized, and said that while it is the policy to review the tape, it shouldn't have happened like this, and that she'd be sending me a $15 gift card to go get another tank top. I truly appreciated the sincerity with which Nancy and Sandra (Saundra?) at the executive office and 800 number handled the situation, and I consider it to be completely resolved. Now, I just hope I'm not treated like a total pariah the next time I'm in the local store!

We took the plunge and went out to put the down payment on the Longhorn cow on Tuesday. We should have it in two to three weeks, and I'll probably post more about it then. But in the meantime, how crazy are these longhorns? I'd never seen a cow quite like it!


I have flowers sprouting! I believe these are grape hyacinth. I'm so excited that some of the bulbs I planted last fall are taking off!


Justin has been home sick since Tuesday with a stomach bug that I am DESPERATELY hoping Lizzy and I don't get. His work stopped giving sick and vacation time back in 2009, so he's essentially missed three days of work unpaid. And coincidentally, this is also the month that due to a switch in where he's working, he drops back down to his regular wage instead of a higher wage that he'd been receiving since about August. Talk about slamming us back to reality. I wish we'd done a better job of budgeting the whole time he made the higher wage, but we didn't. Still, I'm so glad that we got on the budget train in January--since then, we've almost completely funded our emergency fund, which is a huge blessing, as we may need to dip into it to make up for what could turn out to be a one-day work week since Justin often has Fridays off. I hate dipping into the emergency fund at all, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is what it's there for.

Is there anything better than a fort? I was trying to keep the kids fairly mellow yesterday since J was home sleeping. A fort seemed like the perfect solution.


We have a movie gift card, so you better believe we've lined up a babysitter (thanks Kelsey!) to go see The Hunger Games next Friday. I even made a shirt. You can't tell from the photo, but the letters are glitter. Oh yes. I'm THAT nerdy.


Yesterday, I met some friends at a local McDonalds that has a HUGE indoor play place. Long story short, due to sick kiddos, they ended up having to leave, but Lizzy and I stayed to run off some energy and hopefully secure a nap for the afternoon. Lizzy ROCKED the playplace, climbing all the way to the top by herself. I broke out a book and enjoyed some unexpected reading time. I settled in, enjoying the moment, and realized something that I've never noticed before--the playplace was playing the Christian radio station. And the song that was on was just like balm to my stressed-out soul. This isn't a manifesto about how all fast-food restaurants should play the Christian radio station (I actually don't think they should). This was just to say that in that moment, it was just miraculously, exactly what I needed, and I'm thankful.

Lizzy loves talking on the phone. Last night, she was talking to my sister, and I snapped some photos, 'cause she was cracking me up.




Two fairly recent BUDGET purchases that have made me happy on a daily basis? $1 turquoise mason jars, and $5 red shoes (JC Penney, after they slashed prices).




  1. Interesting cow! It looks almost like an Ankole Watusi (spelling?). My husband is crazily obsessed with them due to their high butterfat content. Should be some good eating!

  2. Her hair is so cute in those phone pictures!

    Glad the Target thing was resolved!

  3. I'm so bummed your local Target never got back to you. I'm happy corporate was able to take care of you though. By the way, I love these type of posts. :)

  4. Baby buns (hair buns, teheh) are my FAVORITE. She rocks 'em.

  5. I am LOVING that motorcycle jacket on her. Is it a recent purchase?

  6. Glad to hear that SOMEONE at Target came through. It shouldnt have had to go that far, but Im glad you will at least get your shirt!

  7. I think that's a shorthorn (aka the horns haven't grown out yet). Regardless, YAY for meat!

    Soooo glad Target fessed up to being jerk faces and gave you a giftcard. Hopefully they realize that customer service should be a #1 priority!

    Happy Thursday! Thanks for linking up!

  8. 1. Sorry about Justin being sick and not getting to work. That blows.

    2. Lizzy is too freaking cute. End of story.

    3. I'm jealous of your mason jar :).

    4. I really need to read the last two books in the Hunger Games series. I love your shirt!

  9. Girlonafarm- You might be right! Now that I think about it, the owner was telling us that he was going to try to breed watusi and longhorn, so maybe that is a watusi!

    Leslie- The jacket is from The Children's Place, but its a hand-me-down from a few years ago. I have actually seen this jacket on ebay though!

  10. I love Lizzy's phone pictures. I know it was a pain but I'm glad you got the Target thing resolved. That was some persistence.

    I've always wanted to buy a cow. No freezer space now. Maybe one day.

  11. so much to comment on! 1. so glad the target thing finally got resolved! You won an epic battle! I purposefully didn't register at Target for my wedding or baby shower because of how bad their customer service/return policy is! 2. LOVE the shirt you made!! I will be wearing my mocking jay/pearl necklace to the movie because i am that nerdy too. 3. the knotted buns Lizzy is rocking are so stinking cute, i have got to keep that look in my back pocket for when L has enough hair to style!

  12. LOVE the jar! And the shoes! And your adorable little lady ;) I totally feel ya on the no PTO thing, my husband's job is the same way, and it's hard! Also feeling ya on the don't-want-to-dip-into-the-emergency-fund thing. I'm just the same- it's silly- but I just want to save it! ;)

  13. Love those little buns! Cute shoes too.

  14. Those pictures of your little girl are so funny! I was laughing at the one where she was looking through the binoculars. Multi-tasking already, *sigh*

  15. I. Love. Your. Shirt! I'm going to be on vacation for opening night, but it's going to be the first thing on my to-do list when I get home! I'm SO excited to see the movie! :)

  16. I'm glad that Target corporate is making it right, but I'd still be tempted to find a different target or shop their as infrequently as possible (but you can't beat the up and up diapers and their prices, unfortunately :()

  17. I rather doubt you have to worry about being treated like a pariah in Target. My customer service experience has always been that you encounter so many people that you only remember the very worst and the very best. So if you didn't rage about their parentage and life choices, you'll probably be safely forgotten.

    That, and those places have a turnover rate like no other.


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