Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Review: The First Husband by Laura Dave

From the back of the book: Los Angeles-based travel writer Annie Adams thinks she has it all: Nick, her longtime film director boyfriend has finally hit the big time, her column is nationally syndicated, and they've got a great dog. Life is good--until Nick announces that he's reconnected with a woman from his past and he's moving out.

Reeling from his exit, Annie meets Griffin, a down-to-earth chef who's everything she didn't know she wanted. Three months later, they're married and living in the Berkshires. But Annie wonders if she's picked a life on the rebound. When Nick asks for a second chance, Annie's stuck--torn between her husband, and the man she thought she'd marry.


If you need a fun book to toss in your vacation/beach/lake/pool bag this summer, look no further. This is it. 

In The First Husband, Laura Dave brings us smack into the middle of Annie Adams' enchanting and hysterical world, and doesn't let us go for the next 240ish pages.We're with Annie as she goes through a miserable break-up. We're with her as she meets a gorgeous chef who cooks her a from-scratch meal of lobster and eggs in the middle of the night as she sits on the counter in a beautiful dress (the from scratch, middle of the night meal just happens to be a secret fantasy of mine...minus the lobster. And the egg, darn allergies!). We're with her as she and the gorgeous chef decide within months to get married and move across the country. We're with her as she begins to settle into real life and say to herself, 'Woah, you mean it's not all middle of the night lobster and eggs?!' As she begins to wonder if the grass is greener, and whether she made the best decision of her life, or the worst.

Just as in real life, it's at times sad, and at others hysterically funny. But what makes The First Husband great, is that it's told in such a way that Annie almost begins to feel like your best friend. You know, the one who confides all her deepest, darkest, funniest, loveliest secrets...absolutely uncensored.

And then the ending. I'm notoriously picky about the endings of novels, and I knew from the moment that I read the title that it could go either way for me--I'd probably either love it or hate it. But, suffice to say, I loved it.


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Disclosure Statement: This was a paid review as part of BlogHer Book Club. I received both the book to review, and compensation for this review post. That said, as always, the thoughts and opinions are my own--I don't think I could lie about a book even if I wanted to!


  1. Sounds like a good one! I'll have to pick this one up for the summer!

  2. Glad you enjoyed! Your blog is beautiful. warm wishes, Laura


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