Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

The bulbs that I planted last fall are blooming! I am beyond excited about it, and am now totally addicted to bulbs. I mean, you can't really beat flowers that come back every year and multiply on their own. It's not a lot of work for some serious pay-off! Right now, I have alliums and purple irises (naturally) coming up, along with my first ever hydrangea bush. I love them both, though I may move the alliums next year--they are a little big for the front of the house, and the foliage tends to die before they're finished blooming. I think I know a little place for them amongst some field grass in the backyard!







If you love to take macro photos like the flowers above, check out this guest post I wrote recently on Fancy Little Things that talks about how to shoot macro without buying a macro lens. All you need is a Nifty Fifty Lens, or about $15. Not too shabby, eh? 

I am so proud of Justin. He decided this month to stop chewing (I have longed and prayed for him to stop for years, but I knew it was something he had to decide on his own). He's chewed for about ten years, so this was no small feat. And I believe that as of today, it's been one week. Seriously, could not be prouder or more excited.

Any book recommendations? Preferably for older releases? I'm on the waiting list at the library for Insurgent, 11/22/63, and Fifty Shades of Grey. Unfortunately, our library system usually has quite a wait for almost everything, and so I'm going to be waiting for awhile, and I need something to read in the meantime.

The other day, while I was in the bathroom I could hear Lizzy getting into a drawer that I knew she wasn't supposed to. When I came out, I discovered that she had wrapped herself in tape from head to toe. She laughed and talked about getting into the drawer and how it was naughty. So, I sat her in her room for a timeout. When I went to get her, I could tell she was eating something and asked her what she was eating. She held up one of those "DO NOT EAT" silica gel packets. I have absolutely no idea where she got one of those packets or how she knew that opening it up and eating it was exactly what she was not supposed to do, but somehow she did. So, I ended up having to call poison control...and it turns out those little silica packets are just basically sand. Whew. So, now you know--if your kid eats a silica gel packet, don't worry. Needless to say, I have eaten almost an entire package of these this week (they are DELICIOUS! And Justin doesn't like them, which means more for me!):

I could wallow in them.


  1. beautiful flowers AND photos!! just stunning :)

    cute blog!

  2. Beautiful pics! I am so glad for Justin AND you! And those chocolates look and sound SO yummy!

  3. Do you have a Kindle, Mer? I will loan you 11/22/63 if you would like. It's loooong but I really enjoyed it. :-)

  4. Beautiful photos :)

    SO happy for you/your husband- I've heard it's so hard to quit!

    Have you ever read anything by Ted Dekker? Blink is awesome. Or The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers is AMAZING!

    My library is the same :(

  5. Hmmm. Do you have a list of books you've read? Have you read the Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers? How about The Birth House by Ami McKay?

  6. Ew, tobacco is gross and chewing grosses me out because all you hear is it being spit. ::Shudder:: (My best friend throughout college did this and I hated it.) So exciting that he has seen the light! ;)

    Your "macro" photography is so good! You're such a pro.

    Also, those gel packets are basically to suck all the water out of wherever it is--we use them in our lab for blood samples so they don't get ruined, but they can get dried out (even though they're supposed to dry other things out). Random story that has no point, really, other than they're harmless but taste gross. Not that I accidentally tasted one or anything, and I'm still alive. ;)

  7. I wish I had a green thumb. Not even that, I wish my thumb was mildy tinted green so that I could keep ANY plant alive for more than 7 days. Dang. :)

  8. I am pretty much obsessed with anything that mixes chocolate and salted caramel. Looks like I'll be picking up a bag of those today. :)

    When I am at a loss for something to read, I always go to the classics section and find something I haven't read yet... either something I've heard of and never picked up or something by an author I recognize. Or, I'll look at this list: or this one: and pick something I've yet to read.

  9. Can you send Justin over to talk to my fiance about quitting? I do have to give it to him, he is TRYING, but sometimes I want to just say "If you wanted to quit, you'd just quit!!" I don't have any sympathy for "bad days."


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