Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A few random things...

Last night, I checked on Lizzy before we went to bed. She was happily sleeping while snuggling with a stack of books that she had tucked into bed with her. Attaway kiddo.

Slowly but surely, our grass is growing. Here's what it looked like a month ago (after we brought in dirt) and then what it looked like this morning. It seems like it is taking FOR-EVER for the grass to really get going, but I'm seriously looking forward to a month or so from now when it's actually useable. I can't believe that we've never had a backyard in all the time we've lived here! I'm also super excited that Ryan and Renee are giving us their swing set that their kids have outgrown. I think we'd like to build one eventually, but I'm so excited to have one for the time being--Lizzy will LOVE it. And I have a feeling that there will be many an afternoon this summer where I'll love being able to just say, "Lizzy, go play outside!"


('scuse the plywood--we had to take down a part of the fence to get the big machinery back there)

I think my Blackberry is on it's last legs again. It's started to do this thing where I randomly get an hourglass, a white screen, and then a flashing red light, and it cycles through that for hours until the phone finally dies. Then, sometimes I'm able to charge it, and assuming it actually charges fully instead of only half-way like it often does, sometimes it works like normal until the crazy cycle begins again. Coincidentally, this is exactly the same thing that happened to my previous Blackberry, which was then replaced with the one I have now. Needless to say, if I can help it, I don't think I'll be getting another Blackberry.

Our garden is in! I'm still on the fence about how it's going to do this year--a few things died right off the bat. A few things seem to be doing really well, like the tomatoes. The weather's been tricky--alternating between cold and rainy to 80+ degrees. So, we'll see.



I'm fairly certain that our house hasn't either been clean OR tidy in the last.....oh, about 15 weeks. I keep hoping that Justin/the cleaning fairy will just clean the entire house from top to bottom some weekend while I'm napping, but so far that has not happened, despite the fact that I kept dropping hints that it would be the most excellent Mother's Day present. So, it's probably time to buck up and do it...but it's just at that point where I feel like I could clean all day long and still not really make a difference, so it just doesn't feel worth it to even start, ha!


  1. I'm insanely jealous that there's little green tomatoes on your plant!!! I don't have a garden, so I attempted to put two little tomato plants in a planter.... They're growing taller...but no tomatoes yet.... *sigh*....

  2. Love the grass, love the tomatoes, and looove the attaway! ;)

  3. I am feeling so friendsick (yeah that's a word) that it actually sounds like fun to come over to your house and help you clean your house from top to bottom. I would even endure a Lizard tantrum with good spirits.

    And your backyard is going to be a lifesaver....I can see it already. It's big and awesome and even I want to play in it.

  4. Wow! Your backyard is so big! We definitely don't have backyards that big in Arizona! Hooray for grass and a garden!

  5. Your garden looks great, and so does your grass. My husband is desperate to rip up our grass and plant a whole new lawn. Our is so uneven!

  6. Haha! I don't think I cleaned my house for the first fifteen weeks of pregnancy either :) Just pick one or two rooms a day and clean the end of the week you'll have a sparkling house.

  7. OK first off, you have a HUGE yard. Second, props on the garden. I have not the time nor the patience! :) And I got SO behind on the cleaning that I hired someone to do it all at once so ALL THE THINGS were clean at the same time. Worth every penny. But now it needs it again and I am pretty sure that's going to come back on me this time! Ha! :)


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