Monday, May 7, 2012

Perfect Provision

Last fall, while I was walking through Sheila Walsh's "Shelter of God's Promises" Bible Study, she was talking about Philippians 4:19, and how "God knows our every need, and has proven to provide abundantly beyond what we can rightly expect." I jotted that out onto a little note card, which has taken up residence on our bathroom mirror. I have seen that provision in my own life over the past two years, and it is still my daily prayer and comfort.

This month, things were tight. We went through every budget item line by line, and said 'Is this a need or a want?' Lots of things were cut. Things were still tight. I wasn't sure how they'd work out, honestly. But I have just been blown away this past week by God's perfect provision.

As I mentioned last week, our doctor decided to make and exception and accept our supplemental insurance, which was a huge relief to us budget-wise (ps- thank you all for your comments and support on that post. I received one dissenting comment, but that person chose to comment anonymously, and consequently was not published, per the commenting policy on this blog).  For us, it was straight-up provision.

On Friday morning, I listed an old junker car of ours on Craigslist as a parts car. We had been meaning to post it for months, but just kept forgetting. I'd tried to post it on Thursday evening, but got an error message. Within three minutes of posting it on Friday morning, someone called Justin, and came and paid him cash for the car. The amount we received was almost exactly what we needed to make this month's budget work. People have since told us that they think we under-listed the car, but who knows, maybe the family that bought the car was in the same position we are this month, and it will help them to breathe easier. I just don't think it was an accident at all.

Our needs have been provided for this week, and I am so thankful. It has been amazing and humbling to watch God work in our lives this past week. And then, if that weren't enough, God also provided for a want of mine in the most amazing way that I just have to tell you about. 

On Saturday, there was a Third Day/Matt Maher concert not too far from us. On Thursday or Friday of last week, my friend Emily and I were talking about how we both really wanted to go, but how it just wasn't in the budget for either of us. It wasn't a "need". On Saturday afternoon, Emily called me just a few hours before the concert started, and told me that she had won four tickets to the concert, and that she was offering two tickets to Justin and I. I was beyond thrilled, and was looking forward to laying on the grass listening to some great music, figuring they were lawn seats.


They weren't lawn seats. We were literally 5 rows from the front. And I cannot wait to tell you more about the concert (and I will soon), because it really was another instance of perfect provision in my life. It was perfect balm for my soul. God knows what I need, and provides abundantly, beyond what I could ever expect. I am so thankful.


  1. I needed to be reminded of His provision today... thank you!

  2. Isn't it amazing how God provides. It overwhelms me sometimes. When we do our part that is. You guys did all you could and then He finished it off.
    I am so glad for you.

    Medical bills are so scary. When I left my job, we lost over half our income and insurance that was company paid for and so amazing. Now we have a pretty high monthly premium and more out of pocket costs. Michael has surgery this month and then the delivery... We are putting what we can aside, but I still get nervous. Your story reminds me that someone else in in charge - thanks Mer.

  3. I love hearing about how God provides! God has been teaching me very similar things lately - although many of the blessings He has poured on us has come AFTER very stressful times. I sincerely believe God has been working in my husband's and my lives to teach us to lean on Him and trust Him more. Just knowing he promises to provide has been getting us through some difficult situations. Thank you for sharing instances where God's provision and blessings are very noticeable!

  4. I love posts like this! Glad that your Craigslist sale was helpful - and I love how you look at it as maybe your pricing helped another family, too. Awesome.


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