Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Musings

So, I only have one pair of maternity jeans. They're actually a pair that I bought AFTER Lizzy was born, in a size smaller than I wore during my pregnancy with her to help bridge the gap while I still didn't fit into normal jeans. Anyway, they've fit this whole pregnancy, so they're what I've been wearing...but they're just starting to feel a little small and uncomfortable. But who wants to buy MORE maternity clothes at almost 34 weeks? With a clothing budget as nonexistent small as mine, I certainly don't.

Anyway, I was complaining to Justin about this on Sunday morning during my 'I don't have anything church appropriate to wear' rant, Justin responded, "Why don't you just buy a couple pairs of leggings to wear under dresses and with longer shirts and stuff?" It seriously cracked me up that J was advocating the whole leggings-as-pants thing....but sold.

I've not done a single bit of fall decorating this is still in the 70's and 80's around here, so it doesn't really feel like fall yet. That said, I'm starting to really get antsy for mums, and yarn wreaths, and cozy warm blankets tossed over the couch. I feel a little conflicted about doing it--I've always had a hard time spending money on things like decor because they feel kind of frivilous to me when we're on a tight budget, like we always are. But on the other hand, even $20 on mums and a wreath form goes a long way towards making a house feel like a home...and surely we can find that somewhere in the budget.

So, Justin's brother Ryan is turning 30 this month. The boys decided that to celebrate, they wanted to do this burger challenge that a local restaurant has--basically, you have to eat 5.5 pounds of food and a drink in 45 minutes. The time limit used to be 35 minutes, but no one had been able to complete it, so they bumped it to 45 minutes. Only one guy has ever completed it. So, the boys went on Saturday...and if you've ever wondered what 5.5 pounds of food looks like, this is it:

{I didn't go to watch, but I think the breakdown went like this: two pounds of burger, 1 pound of bacon, 1/2 pound of cheddar cheese, tomato,pickles,onion and lettuce, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup served on a grilled 10 inch sesame seed bun along with 1 and 1/2 pounds of fries. Plus a drink}

Justin had been telling me for months that he could eat it no sweat...and while I'm pretty confident that I've seen him eat that much food before, he couldn't do it on Saturday. The only one that completed the challenge was Ryan...he ate it all, and in 34 minutes...which means that he now holds the record. Which means that I'm 100% sure that Justin is going to want to try and beat it someday ;) 

So, I did end up calling my doctor about the vision stuff that I mentioned in my last pregnancy post. He decided that he wanted me to go in for an EKG, blood work, and a few other tests, and so that's how I spent my Thursday afternoon. They said that everything came back normal, except that my thyroid was a little borderline, so they'll re-test it this week and then go from there. Basically though, it just sounds like vision issues and being kind of dizzy are par for the course for me when I'm pregnant. What can ya do? 

Lizzy has been getting up ridiculously early for the past week or so. Like 4am early. And I'm just not comfortable with her running around all through the house at 4am while we're sleeping. Sometimes, she'll crawl into bed with us, which doesn't phase Justin at all, but totally wakes me up, especially since she doesn't usually ever go back to sleep. I keep looking at those toddler alarm clocks you can buy that change colors when it's okay for the kid to get up and out of bed--does anyone have one? I'm not sure whether or not Lizzy would actually stay in her room until the clock changed colors, but I feel like it might be worth a shot!


  1. My 2-year old has decided to start waking up 2 hours earlier each morning for the past two weeks. She used to sleep in until 8 a.m. and now it's 6 a.m., on the dot. I hear her door creak open and she comes running through the house into our room. Granted, 6 is not SUPER early, but it's early for me. I'm used to waking up at 7, getting ready for work and then she'll wake up while I'm eating breakfast. Plus now she is super cranky in the mornings about an hour after she gets up.

    I'm curious about those alarm clocks I hope someone has insight to offer!

  2. Can you shut the door? Or put a baby gate up? My friend would put a baby gate up and tell her boys they have to stay in their room until mommy got up.

  3. What?! You bought leggings (that were clearly needed since you have no maternity clothes) when you denied your child goldfish crackers just last month? HOW DARE YOU!

    I kid, I kid, I kid. I was waiting for the anonymous commenter to say that, because it sounds exactly like what Crazy McInsane would have said to you.

  4. Wow. No way could I eat 5 1/2 pounds of food. I think 2 is my eating challenge limit! Love that Justin even knew what leggings were. John would never know what they were called. Maybe it's from having a little girl? Hope your thyroid is ok! As someone with a thyroid problem it can be a pain in the butt. I joke with my endo it's basically parents, then her on the notification list when we get around to having kids.

  5. Jax has been waking up at 5:45-6am too, which now seems like nothing compared to your 4am! I've seen the clocks on Amazon, but they are pricey and I'd love to hear from someone who has one to know which one to get.

    Maybe it's because I just ate a big lunch, but ACK... the burger contest kinda makes me want to puke. :)

  6. I have been wanting to try the changing alarm clock! My friend has one for her daughter, and she does great with it...but she is 4. I think they got it when she was two though...

    Anyway...Jack really needs to sleep longer too! Or at least stay in his room! One time I came downstairs at 6 and found him sitting on the couch eating a container of brownies that he had gotten off of the counter. No bueno

  7. A friend of mine has the alarm clock that changes colors and she swears by it. Her son LOVES watching for when it changes and proudly comes out to tell her that it's "green" (or whatever the color to wake up is) and he can get up now.

  8. Glad everything seems to be checking out ok. Like I said though, I had all those weirdo things going on, and everything was normal until about 36 weeks, and then it slowly went downhill. So just keep an eye on it. Once my BP started staying above 145 even after sitting for a bit Chris started watching it more closely.

    We got a sleep buddy for Ryann. I've seen it on Amazon. It is definitely one of the more expensive ones, but we liked the simplicity of it. Basically you set what time you want it on, while it is sleep time the thing glows blue (it is a nice night light) and then at whatever time you selected for in the morning the light goes off. Now obviously we have not tried it with Ryann out of her crib yet, so I can't say if it really works for keeping a kid in bed. But then again Ryann can't open the door either. We should be making the transition to a bed in the next few weeks so I can let you know how it goes!

    Oh, and I'd like some steak fries now, thank you very much. But not 1.5 pounds...

  9. That burger looks so good to me. That's wrong! Lol!

  10. Leggings for the win.

    As for the early riser, I can't say anything but sorry. I hope she can get her clock getting straightened out. Because you need your sleep anyhow, but I can't imagine dealing with lack of sleep during pregnancy. Hang in there.

  11. We have the Tot Clock from Amazon and I swear by it. Now granted, ours is set for 6 am which seems early for a lot of folks but its 100x better than the 4:30 that Truman used to pull. Now if he wakes before 6 he will literally wait until 6 when the clock turns yellow and then he will yell, ' mommy, my clock is yellow!' All excited about it. I've heard him awake and talking at 5:45 but he waits until 6 to call us in. I think the thing is worth all $60 we paid for sure.

  12. Oh and we got the tot clock when Truman was just a little over 18 months and it worked well after about a month.

  13. I love leggings - pregnancy changed me.


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