Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Snippets

-We have been in major clean-out mode over the past few days. Our house is 1100 sq feet, which is plenty of room for a family of 4, but NOT if our house is filled with things that we don't use or need (*cough* Justin's catcher's gear from middle school *cough*). Anyway, as we're shuffling things around trying to make space for baby, we're both finally coming to the conclusion that we HAVE to get rid of things in order to make this work. Justin usually has a harder time parting with things than I do, but he rocked it out, and between the two of us, I think I have four garbage bags in the back of my car to take to Goodwill...four bags just from our bedroom!

-This is both awesome and frustrating for me. Awesome because it totally helps make progress towards everything we own actually having a PLACE. Frustrating because in the meantime it means that the living room, kitchen, and everywhere else have essentially become staging areas...and I don't do well with visual clutter. Almost every night I have a 'please God don't let my water break tonight' freakout.

-I've been having a few freakouts in general lately...on  Saturday night, as I was standing in the baby room putting clothes away, I could just feel this wave of anxiety washing over me. There wasn't even one particular thing I was anxious about...it went something like this:

Oh my God I'll be full term this week which means Icould have a baby any time and what if Justin is working and I have to drive myself to the hospital and what if I don't get to the hospital in time and what if something happens during delivery and the baby dies and then what would we do and how would we tell Lizzy and I can't imagine having to come into this room again if that happened...or what if something happened and I died because then what and who would take care of Lizzy while Justin works and does Justin know how to cook all the family recipes that I hope our kids learn some day and should I write an in case I die letter and WHAT IF OUR HOUSE CATCHES ON FIRE WHILE I'M SLEEPING?!

(devoid of all punctuation because that's how it happens in my mind).

I'm sure hormones are playing a big part in this, but it's a little annoying nonetheless.

-I think Lizzy and I need to head to Target. Justin worked overnight last night doing plumbing stuff at Starbucks that couldn't be done during the day while they're open. So now he's jome trying to sleep, and Lizzy just does not get the concept of having to be quiet during the day.

-Speaking of Lizzy, she has recently become totally enamored witb Zaccheus. Yes, like Biblical Zaccheus. I have no idea where this fascination cones from, but she wants to talk about him and read about him all the time. It cracks me up.

-Our living room has no overhead light...only a floor lamp. On rainy days like today? It's iinda dreary.

-I have an OB appointment this afternoon. Trying not to get my hopes up for more dilation progress...but I'm afraid they already are...even though I know it means nothing.


  1. I really need to do some purging before Baby #2 arrives. And I think a Target trip is always in order! :)

  2. Oh man, I had to laugh when I read your thoughts. I'm the same way! Exactly the same way! Even yesterday after I did my vlog, I was all "what if I felt inspiration to do this because I'm going to die soon and my kids will need something to see and hear me? And the news will have such a field day with this because I said I wanted to tell everyone I know that I love them?!?!?! I just know I'm going to die!!!" Haha...why do we do this to ourselves?

  3. All I can say is---I can relate to your anxiety except mine came hardcore AFTER lucy was born....it's been my hardest struggle. Also, we have no overhead lamps in our living room and I hate it. Feels super dreary, I agree.

    Our living room only has a floor lamp too, I totally hear you on the dreariness.

  5. I remember sobbing as I went through Jaxon's newborn clothes, almost due with Cohen. And it was the weirdest SAD/ANXIOUS cry! I totally relate, girl. Hang in there.

    I am excited to hear your news!! How do you plan on letting us all know, anyway?! Facebook, instagram, and/or blog... and what order, so I know where to be stalking you most :)

  6. Love purging things! And I cannot believe you are almost full term. So freaking excited for you, girl.

  7. Oh my gosh, I'm totally with you on the racing thoughts and anxiety. Especially with all the shootings and everything going on lately. :( I'll pray for peace for you, and that everything gets done before Baby Girl gets here! :) Have you guys officially decided on a name?

  8. I had to purge my house for a new kitten so amen sistah for your new changes.

    My friend is due in two weeks and is on pins and needles waiting for THE moment. I'm on call if her husband is at wiork. THE PRESSURE!

    Good luck!'

  9. I hated the anxiety at the end of pregnancy. You know it is crazy pregnancy lady talking but you can't get her to be quiet!

    Getting rid of things you don't need is so fun - makes you feel like you have so much more room and space.

  10. I've been thinking about you a lot lately! Hope you're doing well. We did a big clean out yesterday, mostly the kitchen. I hate how it has to get worse before it can look better, but I do feel really satisfied looking at the huge box going to the DAV on Thursday.

  11. I NEED to purge this house in a BIG way.

    I have anxiety like that too, and it was worse when I was pregnant. What if the house catches fire? What if, what if, what if- I can relate. :)


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