Monday, November 15, 2010

Black & White Love

My love for photography was spurred through old school black and white photography. With an old Pentax camera that you had to wind yourself. The red glow of the dark room. The magic that happened as that little piece of paper entered the developer and you saw the image float to the surface. I could (and did) spend hours at a time in the dark room. Sometimes I miss it, even though Photoshop can give me the same result in a lot less time. And I'm very much enjoying playing with different tints and such on top of the black and whites {for example, the last photo in this group has a light espresso tint on top of the black and white}.

I've done a number of photo shoots recently. Mostly senior pictures with a few family sessions sprinkled in here and there. Yesterday, I was looking through all my recent sessions, and I realized that my favorites from each session were black and whites. There's just something so elegant and classic about a good black and white photo.

Mackenzie (17)

Victoria (21)

Olivia (6)


  1. Totally agree. I'm a huge fan of B&W. About 90% of the pics of my family I have up around my house are b&w...they're just so classy.

  2. I like black and white but I love sephia (sepia?) even more! I had a group shot of my friends for my senior pics in sepia and loved it!

    astonishing true art! I am a fan of your BLOG and work since a year ago, I don't comment as often but certainly read you consistently.
    Love to learn more about photography with you, inspired by you I got a Canon Rebel XS 300 as a gift to my self on my birthday :)But haven't even used it much yet....
    Greetings from South America! ;)

  4. I'm a big fan of B&W as well. Great shots!


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