Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BQOTD- Thanksgiving Traditions

It's been awhile since I've done a Burning Question of the Day, and I'd love to hear about your Thanksgiving traditions. What do you guys do for Thanksgiving? Do you always watch football? Is it not Thanksgiving without mom's pumpkin pie? Do you ditch the "normal" Thanksgiving meal and go for Chinese instead?

For us, both sides of our family live so close that we usually go to one set of parents' house for dinner, and the other set for dessert. Sometimes it's a little hectic and crazy, but it is so nice to see everybody in our family during the day. I'll admit though that I most enjoy when we eat at my parents' house, and Justin admits that he most enjoys when we eat at his parents' house. There's just something about the food that you grew up with on Thanksgiving, no?

I would sort of like to start the tradition of participating in this 2 mile fun run/walk the morning of Thanksgiving to benefit a local food bank. I'm not sure if that will happen this year or not, but I'd like it to become a family tradition in the future. 


  1. We always watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving morning! It was a tradition when I was a kid, and I hope it becomes a tradition for my kids too ... even if my husband thinks it's dumb. Whatever, I'm doing it anyway!

  2. MJ proposed to me on Thanksgiving, and to work in the proposal, we went around the table and said what we were thankful for; he went last and popped the question. To make a long story short, now that we have C, I'd love to have saying what we're thankful for to be our family tradition.

    And we always watched the Macy's parade as kids, too :)

  3. Since we have like 4 family things to attend over Thanksgiving, we end up having one Thursday, Friday, and sometimes 2 on Saturday. Lately, I am annoyed by it. It is so much running around and I hate not being able to fully enjoy the holiday. Although, Brandon did propose the day before Thanksgiving to throw me off, so I will always hold that memory dear.

    I hope that as our family grows, our extended families will understand our wants and needs to be with our own family that day and not do as much running around.

  4. We always go to my grandmothers for thanksgiving, it's the picturesque hallmark thanksgiving! Followed up by naps, football, walks and black friday plotting!

  5. This will be our first holiday season with our son. We really want to start new traditions, centering around family, gratitude, and charity. I'm not sure how that's going to play out, but I'm hoping that over the next few years, we'll establish rich traditions that he (and his hypothetical future siblings) will love.

  6. I cannot do Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner without my grandmother's cranberry jelly... turkey just doesn't taste good without it in my opinion. Other than that, no real traditions. But I agree, it just tastes better when eaten with my family and Lucas feels the same about his...

  7. We go to the St. Louis Thanksgiving day parade (the second biggest next to Macy's). We eat dinner at BOTH of our families' houses - lunch at one, supper at the other. It's crazy and hectic. We also plan our black friday excursions!!

  8. My family's "tradition" for every holiday was to get up bright and early, rush around to get dressed and ready, drive 2 hours in to see my mom's side, and then another 1/2hr away to see my dad's side, and then get home about 9-10pm to go to sleep. (Christmas worked the same - we never got to get up on Christmas morning and open presents like everyone else I knew... it was always rushing in to see family and opening presents at 10:00 at night)

    Needless to say, not really a fun time for me as a kid. I've never been able to watch the Macy's parades or really just hang out and enjoy the holiday, and I was always expected to be on my 'best behavior' so I wasn't allowed to play with my cousins much for fear that I'd get in trouble.

    This year DH and I are having our own Thanksgiving dinner in the evening. At this point I'd really like to start some traditions within my own family instead of continuing the cycle of running around just to see everyone else. So I figure if family members show up then that's fine, and if not and it's just the two of us then that's fine, too.

    The only real tradition DH and I have together is that we go watch a movie on Thanksgiving and Christmas night. Sometimes it gets changes to a weekend, depdending on if we have DH's son or not so we can include him. But that's our little tradition. :)

  9. James Bond. As long as I've been watching James Bond, there's been a James Bond marathon on Spike or whatever Spike was before it was Spike. And I love me some James Bond.

  10. Since my sister was the first to get married, 11 years ago, she started hosting Thanksgiving at her house so that she could have both our family & her in laws over. Over the years, random strays (I don't mean that in a derogatory way, haha) have come over, too, and we usually have about 30 people over. It was hard when AJ & I were married to balance his family & mine, but this year, I won't have any other obligations! Our biggest tradition is Black Friday shopping with my mom & sister!


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