Friday, November 19, 2010

Setting the Record Straight.

Some of you may have heard of a website/blog called "Birth Or Not". I am not linking to it, because they have ads on their page, and do not deserve the traffic and subsequent funds that will result.

Essentially, the website is a "pregnancy journal". The couple apparently became pregnant after several miscarriages, and is now experiencing a semi-high-risk pregnancy that requires weekly ultrasounds and doctors appointments. But, the couple has a poll up on the side of the blog that essentially says, 'Vote whether we should keep the baby or have an abortion. You have a chance to decide.' The couple often says that the 'votes will not go unheard', and counts down the number of days left that they could legally abort the baby in Minnesota.

Up until recently, when the website was spammed to several pornography related message boards, the vote was overwhelmingly to keep the baby. However, the vote has recently swayed in the opposite direction, to abort.

I have seen a number of bloggers appeal to their readers to go and vote for the couple to keep the baby, which I totally understand. However, you need to know that the website is a hoax by an anti-abortion extremists {I will explain below}

First of all, the couple says that their child will be 17 weeks today, putting the date of conception somewhere near the end of July/early August. However, the WHOIS information for the website shows that the domain name for the website was purchased in May. That's some serious foresight right there.

Additionally, the Google Analytics for this site is the same as for "The Church of Global Warming" website, which is a conservative extremist website related to global warming {this one of 1,000 reasons I believe it to be an anti-abortion stunt opposed to a pro-choice stunt}:

  screen grabs from Ministry of Truth

It isn't my intent to start an abortion debate here. I have just seen a number of friends and bloggers get genuinely upset about this blog and for this child, and they {and you} deserve to know that it is a hoax. I don't care what your stance is on abortion--stunts like this are wrong. I have no tolerance for crap like this. Please spread the word.


  1. That is ridiculous! What horrible people!

  2. Whether it's an anti-abortionist group or not, who in their right mind would take random people's vote about whether to keep their baby or not!?! That's something for the couple to decide!

  3. Way to be an internet detective!

    Also, way to be a tasteless publicity stunt, Birth Or Not.

  4. I saw the site yesterday and didn't give much weight to it. It is sickening to think that someone would do this. But I believe it's all fabricated as a stunt, just like you.

  5. wow, i hadn't heard about this but very ridiculous. blah.. i hate extremists.

  6. I saw this yesterday. Hoax or not, it's still sick.

  7. The couple is from my hometown and the Star Tribune just had an article about it - weird that they couldn't figure out that it's fake:

  8. how interesting ... and wacky. thanks for the scoop.

    ps -i LOVE the new look on your blog!!


  9. This is the first I heard about it, how unbelievably awful. I am glad you cracked their code and are setting the record straight. It makes me sick as a Mom and as someone who truly went through infertility.



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