Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letter to Lizzy- Ten Months

Dear Lizzy,

I can hardly believe that in only two months, you will be ONE YEAR old. I honestly remember the day that you were born just like it was yesterday. It is so weird to think that you've already gone from this:

 one week old

to this:

such a big girl!

At ten months, you are walking pretty darn well, though you still usually prefer crawling since you're faster at it.


You recognize "If You're Happy And You Know It", and clap your hands right along. This morning, I also noticed that you are trying most of the motions to "The Wheels on the Bus". You've recently become more interested in the songs and their motions since more kids have started coming to our Babies in the Library group, which I'm excited about too.

You've also really started to like playing Peek-A-Boo:


But as always, most of your time is spent chasing after Bones, our cat:

This past month, I believe you also picked what will become your "lovey", or security blanket of sorts. We were in the store, when you spotted this lamb doll. You thought it was a sheep, and started saying "BAAA! BAA! BAAA!" with such insistence that I handed you the doll. Immediately, your whole face lit up, and you gave it the biggest hug ever. I couldn't help but get the doll for you--I've never seen you react like that to any of the toys we picked for you before you were born. You still love your 'sheep', and I often hear you trying to imitate singing "I Just Wanna Be A Sheep" to it. You also snuggle up to it and give it big hugs whenever you are tired, which is about the sweetest thing ever.


You are still a great eater, and rarely eat baby food anymore (sometimes just to get you an extra serving of fruits or veggies if what we're having for dinner isn't a super balanced meal). However, you don't like sippy cups all that much, and would prefer to drink out of a normal cup. In fact, yesterday morning I was sitting on the couch with my mug of coffee. You kept coming over and putting your mouth on the rim like you wanted a sip. I finally dipped my finger in and let you lick it, thinking that you'd dislike the bitter coffee taste and let me drink in peace. Instead, your eyes lit up, and you immediately said, "Mmmmmm!" Looks like we're in for some trouble there! 


Overall, it's been really interesting and fun to watch you learn this month. You have learned so much! Walking! Consistently waving! Clapping! Trying to sing! You are such a blessing in our lives baby girl!


Love you forever and for always,


  1. Wow! I can't believe how fast she's grown up.

  2. Almost a year old?! No Way!!! She has grown so much just since I saw her last! I was going to text you today and ask you if she was a full time walker yet, but I guess I just needed to read this :) Give her big hugs from Jaxon and I!

  3. I can't believe she is almost a year old! Such an amazing little girl.

  4. look at her go! you pictures are always so great.

  5. She is SO cute! I just love that last picture where she is holding your hand in her costume.

  6. What a little cutie pie. It sure does go fast!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful post! What a sweetheart! It goes by way too fast . . .I'm already on the way to two.

  8. What beautiful blue eyes she has! Just gorgeous with a playful spirit. It goes way too fast, doesn't it?

  9. I love all of these pictures, especially Lizard as a giraffe. It's almost too much for me.

  10. She is soo big! I really can't believe what a big girl she is, and that this is all only 5 months away for me.

    How do we make time stop?

  11. Have I mentioned that I REALLY WANT TO MEET LIZARD!? Holy crap!

    What's she doing next August? ;)


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