Monday, November 29, 2010

Table Setting/Brownie Bites/Family Photos/Headbands

Last week, I saw all of your awesome table settings for Thanksgiving. Then, I looked at my table, which had become a total dumping ground for junk. And it occurred to me that maybe, if it was set nicely, things wouldn't get dumped there as often. So, I went to wally world, picked up some chargers for about $5, and plucked out the only four of our dinner plates that haven't chipped, and set the table.



That same day, I decided to make some chocolate dipped marshmallow brownie bites, which were directly inspired by Inside Bru Crew Life's Pumpkin Spice Brownie Bites. I followed the Bru Crew Life instructions, except that I eliminated the Hershey's kiss and dropped about 24 mini marshmallows in a grid shape on the brownies for the last 5 minutes of baking. Then I cut the brownies around the marshmallows, and smushed the brownie so the marshmallow was in the middle. They were super yummy, but really rich.


On Thanksgiving, we attempted to take a family photo for our Christmas cards {which I WILL send out this year!}. Lizzy is becoming such a ham.



Earlier, I mentioned Inside Bru Crew Life's blog. Well, while looking at her blog on Wednesday, I also came across a tutorial for fabric headbands. And because I didn't have enough to do on the day before Thanksgiving, I decided to make one. Once I was finished, I remembered that there's a craft bazaar at church on December 4th to benefit the church's partner school. And because I didn't have enough to do the week after Thanksgiving, I signed up and decided that I could sell all kinds of fabric headbands, among other things.



Overall, it was a really good weekend! We got to spend a ton of time with family, snagged a really cheap TV during the Black Friday sales to replace our dinosaur that was getting green and pink spots {thanks to our sweet daughter who decided to be awake for the day at 3am on Friday morning}, rearranged out entire living room, watched some Firefly, ate a modest amount of Thanksgiving food {I did not feel stuffed at all! Yay!}, made some Christmas CD's {loving Glee's version of O' Holy Night!}, caught up with my best friend from high school, and Justin and I even went to see a movie {Unstoppable--not my first choice, but it ended up being really good}.

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!


  1. Mmm Firefly. I aim to misbehave.

  2. Those brownies look delicious! And I LOVE the family photos! :)

  3. Whew! You sounded busy!!! Good luck at the craft fair. Cute family photo!

  4. LOVE your family picture - you and Lizzy look so much alike! And the headbands are cute!

  5. The headbands look cute! Man, you've been busy!

  6. Hope you sell some. Lots of people are jumping on the fabric flower headband train it seems.

  7. I love the family pictures! Especially the first one. She is such a little ham!

  8. Your table looks so pretty. And, I'm loving the family pic. Adorable.

  9. Lizzie looks so grown up!! And I love those headbands...I need a girl so I can put cute stuff like that on her!

  10. aww the table looks great! and what a happy family photo!
    ps - i love the new header!

  11. I love your looks great. As do those brownie bites and the headbands! I hope you sell them all! How much are you planning on selling them for?

    And, I want to visit you and that family picture in person!

  12. You had a very home-making weekend! I feel so behind! I wish I had more motivation to bake and craft!

  13. Yikes! You sound as busy as me:-) I am so glad you tried out the brownie bites and headbands!!! Fabric flowers are taking the world by storm!


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