Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 inches

Remember my broken laptop screen? Yes, well yesterday I was sitting on the floor paying bills and balancing our checkbook, while also talking to Lizzy. She was playing with her Little People Noah's Ark, which I've been trying to teacher her NOT to throw. Because seriously? The thing hurts to be hit with. but of course, she rolled back to throw it, and my cries of "Lizzy! NO! DO NOT THROW THAT!" went ignored. I tried to catch the flying ark, but instead it bounced off my fingertips and directly into my laptop screen. The screen promptly went white with neon colored stripes. I have about a 3 inch window that iss still usable.

So, I had to scour eBay for a new screen, which my dad or I should be able to install. This was mostly irritating because we literally had planned to replace the screen next week when our tax return will come. Seriously?

Then, to top out the day, Justin and I had a huuuuuggggeee argument about future placement of the laptop. Right now, it sits on a side table next to our couch, which is admittedly not a great solution because Lizzy is always playing with the cords and it's just in the way. Justin wants me to use a desk. Hey, I'd like a desk too, and I've racked my brain about how I could fit a desk into the living room with everything else, and I just can't figure out a logical way. First, we made the mistake of using Clearwire as our internet service provider, which, contrary to their slogan is NOT wireless internet, at least not in the way most consumers probably thing. I basically thought that it created a wireless hotspot in the house, but no. The computer has to remain wired to their little internet thingie to have access, which gets best service (which is still bad) in the window of the living room.. Justin brought a spare desk from college days into the living room and wedged it next to the couch, where the computer would still reach the Clearwire  thingie, but we just don't have room for it if we're going to keep the other things that we need in the living room, such as the Pack N Play (which is absolutely necessary for me since our laundry is outside and our house is not babyproofed to the point where I can leave Lizzy alone while I'm outside) and toy box.

Justin's solution was just to leave the Pack N Play and toy box in the middle of the room.

Are there any other moms (or non-moms) out there who can sympathize with my freak out at this point? Our house is already too cluttered. And it drives me crazy. I can't relax with crap everywhere. I need everything to have a place that it can be put away, and floating things in the middle of the room does NOT count as being put away. And hello, I spend 90% of my time at home in the living room--a room that causes me to cry every time I walk into it is just not feasible. Eventually, I think Justin got the picture that while things not having a home clearly doesn't bother him, it would drive me BANANAS.

We still don't have a good solution for where the laptop can land. I really do want the computer to remain in the living room, and I really would like a desk, but I just can't figure out a good place for it with our layout. Boo.

So, anyway, my computer sucks right now. Please be patient with my posting/commenting the rest of the week!


  1. I can definitely sympathize. My house is Clutter Central and I get so frustrated with it. I cleaned the living room/kitchen yesterday afternoon only to have it look even messier than it started with when the husband came home from work. I have no idea how it can get to that state so quickly. We just don't have a place to put anything. Seeing it such a disaster all the time makes me so anxious!

    Good luck finding a solution!

  2. I totally understand, too!
    I keep saying, "Our house will NOT look like Pee-Wee's Playhouse just because we have a baby." It's crazy how such little people can overtake your home! :)

  3. I don't have a solution, but I definitely understand - clutter makes me crazy too. :-/

  4. I'm so sorry, while quaint, comfy and easy to clean, tight spaces aren't always what they're cracked up to be. Our laptop currently resides on the arm of our easy chair.

  5. Like you, we are restricted to the placement of our internet that doesn't work on one side of the house on wireless.

    Our solution lately has been to either shut the laptop in the entertainment center or tuck it under the couch when not in use. We both have a clutter phobia and just getting it out of sight is the best option. We've also invested in a cable and wireless mouse/keyboard set so we can keep it away in those spaces and work on the TV instead. Kind of awkward sometimes, but it is nice for watching video and browsing online.

  6. what about a little nook in the kitchen? or maybe instead of a big old desk, you can get a pub style one that takes up way less room?

  7. This too shall pass......

    You will go insane trying to balance a clean and organized house with children....

    She wasn't the first one to crack the laptop screen....she just finished it off...

    Get in the habit of closing the laptop after use, and the chance of damage will decrease drastically...

  8. I'm the same way about my house. Everything has to have a place, and when it's not that way, I freak! And cry.

  9. oh, we are there too. We keep ours on the side table and brady's likes to push the buttons and click the mouse. Good luck with finding a solution!

    and ps, clutter make me crazy too!

  10. We end up storing our laptops under the couch. They actually slide under there nicely and they are out of the way when we aren't using them.

  11. totally. our apartment is tiny small and to much stuff drives me up that wall. guys just don't get it! ;)

  12. I SO feel you. My husband just does not give two craps if the house looks like a bachelor pad slash macgyvers approach to a kids playland. Maddening.

    I hope you can find a good solution!


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