Monday, March 7, 2011


I am in a remarkably good mood for a Monday when I ran out of coffee creamer! On the upside, I have a coupon for a free drink of any size from our local coffee place courtesy of the dinner/auction from this weekend.

-Speaking of the dinner/auction, it was awesome. And I am happy to report that there were no assigned seats...yay! In other news, I'm especially curious about who from the church/school was the anonymous commenter on Friday's blog post!

-I don't know if any other almost-14 month olds do this, but while Lizzy mostly speaks in gibberish with a few words in there, occasionally she'll come up with this entire sentence that is crystal clear and in context. Yesterday, she told Justin, "I can do it" when he was trying to hold her hand to walk her somewhere she didn't want to go. Last week, she said, "I can see better up here" to Justin's mom when she picked Lizzy up. A few weeks ago when she was getting frustrated with a toy, she said "Piece of shit!" (I guess it's time to watch the swearing, eh?). Several times when I've asked her what she wants to eat, she's replied, "More cake!". I'm not sure whether or not she's actually trying to say these things, but it's pretty hilarious.

- Speaking of Lizzy, last night we got home from my parent's house at about 9pm. She would NOT go down for bed. So I bucked all the rules when it comes to our normal method of sleep training and rocked her to sleep. And it was so nice to have that snuggling moment. I am so glad that I did it.

- From my mountain of library books, I've finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, and Under the Dome by Stephen King. Both were very good. Ethan, you especially should read Under the Dome the next time you can just pick up a 1000 page book for fun! Now, I'm reading Midwives by Chris Bohjalian, and it is fascinating.

-While visiting my parents yesterday, we went to the Blockbuster that's going out of business and picked up seven movies for $18--Rendition, Deception, GI Joe, Fast Food Nation, The Soloist, Veggietales Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, and Stop-Loss. Not too shabby!

-Tonight, J and I start our 3rd week of Insanity! We'll be rocking the Fit Test once he gets home from work...we were actually supposed to do it this morning, but both needed/wanted just a little bit more sleep when 5:30am rolled around. I'm also excited to take some measurements, because I think I'm starting to see/feel some difference!

-And a BIG, BIG, BIG thanks to my dad who installed my new laptop screen while watching the kiddos during the dinner on Saturday! It is SO nice to have a fully functional screen!!!


  1. Awesome job with Insanity!! Just wait until the second month...the results come faster and stronger!! Just in time for summer, right? :)

  2. Hooray for the new screen and you two for insanity.

    Eva has started to do this more and more... I am not sure if she is really trying to say what I think she is saying - or if i her jibberish just happens to sound like words. It is fun though.

  3. Good luck on the Insanity and yeah for a new laptop screen!

  4. Annie's gibberish sounds like words sometimes, but I know they aren't intentional - Lizzy seems like she's pretty far ahead of the curve when it comes to language though, which is awesome!

    Yesterday when Ben asked Annie, where's mom? She said what sounded like "I don't know!" - hilarious :)

  5. OMW about Lizzy's jibberish! I cannot believe she's talking that much. Isaac talks all day long, but it's just baby chatter - no words outside of mama and dada. And here your little lady is saying complete sentences! Crazy!

  6. OMG...I just LOL'd in my training with Lizzy's jibberish. People are looking at me like WTF!!! I will dye of laughter the day my daughter says a naughty word and that's only for the mere fact that the first time of anything you have to laugh....Not because I'm a bad mom :/ IT'S CALLED PARENTING.

  7. Will do. And yay for functioning laptop screens!

  8. Oh I'm dying over here. Lizzy girl, you are too funny!

    YAY for a fully functioning laptop!


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