Monday, March 14, 2011


-On Sunday, we headed to Justin's parents' house after church. There was a HUGE wind-storm that apparently downed several big trees on power lines. The power went out at about 2pm-ish, and was still out when we left about 6:30pm. While it would undoubtedly be irritating not to have running water overnight, it was actually kind of nice to spend a quiet, candle-filled afternoon with the family. It reminded me just how little we actually NEED power during the day!

-A lady at church kind of freaked me out yesterday. She expressed concern to me that Lizzy walks slightly pigeon-toed, and sometimes drags one of her toes. I had noticed that she sometimes drags her toe, but have noticed that it's usually only when we've just sized up in her shoes, or when she trips because she's trying to run faster than her little legs can carry her. Other than that, I hadn't noticed that she was particularly pigeon toed, but I've heard that it's common for kids to walk slightly pigeon-toed at Lizzy's age, and that even if she WAS walking pigeon-toed, now the standard treatment is often to do nothing unless it's seriously impeding the child's ability to walk. I asked Justin's mom about it after church, and she told me that Justin's sister was pretty pigeon toed, but that she definitely wouldn't worry about Lizzy at this point. I know the lady was just trying to help,  but it's kind of awkward and weird feeling as a mom when someone expresses concern to you about your kid--like you're not taking care of them. I felt pretty defensive about it, actually.

-I finished the book Midwives by Chris Bohjalian, and really, really liked it. It's kind of funny because I remember starting that book five or six times when it first came out, and I just COULD NOT get into it. This time? I loved it. Even though I'm not someone who feels passionate about home births, it was a truly interesting piece of fiction, and I really enjoyed it.

- I am LOVING Beth Moore's study of David that we're doing. I know she's a controversial person, and this is the only study of hers that I've participated in, so I really can't attest to anything else, but I am so enjoying this one. The videos are great, but more than anything, I'm enjoying the "homework" in between sessions. It's nice for me to have some quiet time really reading and delving into the Bible on a daily basis. I'm not sure I've ever had that in my life before.

-Justin and I are registered for a 5k that's happening in less than a month! I'm kind of nervous because we've been doing Insanity recently so I haven't been running, and haven't actually run 3.1 miles, even when I got to the 30 plus minute runs of C25K. Still, I'm pretty confident that Insanity is helping us build up the cardio endurance that we need to run. I'm trying to decide whether we should start substituting our Saturday Insanity workout for a run? I really WANT to do every day of Insanity though, and I don't think we could realistically do both. Our other option would be just to keep doing Insanity, and show up for the 5k without really training for it--maybe it doesn't really matter whether we actually run the whole thing or what our time is, but just that we do it and finish. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised after all this Insanity insanity.

-I suckered two friends into letting me do newborn sessions with them this spring, and I am so excited about it. I have some fun ideas, I just need to finish knitting another cocoon or two and find (or make) a beanbag. I need to be careful though, because I could easily spend hundreds of dollars buying props!


  1. Maybe it's just my spunky personality, but that lady at your church highly annoys me. Who has the nerve to say such a thing? Is she someone you know personally or a stranger? I'd say if your pedi hasn't said anything yet, Lizzy is just fine.

    Insanity does WONDERS for your endurance. I ran last week for about 45 minutes on the treadmill and never felt winded once. Jim says the same thing as he's training for a triathalon. Maybe run on your off days but I would think the program is enough training for the 5k :)

    Yay for newborn sessions! I agree about the props!

  2. Wait, Beth Moore is controversial? I don't think I've ever heard anyone say anything bad about her. I love all her studies!

  3. First, the lady at your church is crazy. Pigeon toed walking and tiptoe walking are both really common for young walkers. Not a big deal at all!

    I'm with Megan - I had no idea Beth Moore was controversial!

    And could you post a pattern for the cocoons? I'd love to make one!

  4. I'm not sure if this would work instead of the bean bag but I just found a tutorial for a floor cushion here:

    Good luck for the 5K!!!

  5. i am THRILLED to be one of the friends you "suckered" in to doing newborns shots!! are you kidding!? it has been a dream of mine and i feel so fortunate and blessed ... to have those precious first days of my josiah captured in amazing photos.
    and ps, be on the ready, my friend. lol. i know csection date is april 7 but seriously, he is *huge* and i am beyond uncomfortable. so, we shall see. =)

  6. My niece had the same problem with her feet/walking when she was about Lizzy's age. My sister had her fitted for a pair of high-top Stride Rite's for the ankle support & correction, and after wearing them for a year or two, everything corrected itself. I'm sure Lizzy is just fine, but if you need a shoe recommendation - Stride Rite all the way! :-)


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