Monday, September 19, 2011


I've been doing TurboFire since Friday. We don't have a gym membership, so the only way I'm usually able to work out is through DVDs at home. TurboFire is a lot of fun, and I got up early this AM to start my day with it.

And our DVD player is apparently broken. It took me 35 minutes of cleaning, blowing on things, etc. to even get it to recognize the disc. The same disc and workout played on Friday night just fine, so I know it isn't the disc, but the player. Once I got it to (finally) recognize the disc, the player just skipped nonstop. So, that's awesome.


  1. Oh no!! :( So sorry. Hope your Monday gets better.

    PS, do you have an xbox or wii you could play the DVD in?

  2. Yuck. That sucks. Is your laptop still on the fritz? Sometimes I play DVDs and the like on my laptop...

  3. :( That really sucks. Hope you figure out something that will work for you!

  4. Boo! I hope you get it to work. We have no luck with dcs players.


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