Friday, September 30, 2011


Note: I know I'm supposed to be hosting the Bible Study today, but in dealing with Lizzy cutting her molars, I can't think clearly enough over the whining and screaming to write much of anything that's coherent. So instead, I leave you with some eye candy.


Southern Oregon is like a small wine mecca--there are TONS of vineyards, and lots of local wine. That said, Justin doesn't like wine, so I can count on one hand the number of times I've been out to a local winery to taste. Even though I like wine in general, I often feel like I'm picking blindly when I'm at the grocery store, unsure what I'll really like and what I won't.

One of my friends works in the wine industry here in Southern Oregon, and she asked me if I'd like to go out to one of the vineyards (Agate Ridge) to take some photos before the harvest this weekend. Of course, I jumped at the chance. And guys, it was breathtaking.




The proprietor, Kim, first took us through a tasting of the wine, which was such a treat in and of itself. Then, she gave us a glass of our favorite, and we hopped on the back of the tractor for a tour of the grounds.




It was incredible to hear Kim talk about all the different varieties of grapes, and to see how different the clusters look. I also loved getting to ask all the nerdy questions that I've always wondered about, like how many bottles of wine can be made out of one wooden barrel (35 cases).




Overall, it was just such a blessing, and absolutely breathtaking!


  1. AMAZING...! I'm speechless! ... see this is what I was talking about ...this are REAL PICS... !

  2. Ahh, so so so pretty! I am jealous.

    What lens did you use to shoot these?

    Such great pictures... you are inspiring!

  3. Nick and I just bought Kevin Zraly's "Windows on the World: Complete Wine Course" book for $5 at Barnes and Noble because it's the 2009 edition instead of the new 2011 version. BUY IT. It will tell you tons about wine and it's a fun read!

  4. Awesome pictures! And awesome experience!! Wish I could have joined you <3

  5. That is stunning! I want to be a vineyard! (I was going to say "grape orchard", then remembered the real word for it because it was in your blog.)

  6. So beautiful! Your pictures are wonderful :)

  7. Meredith, those are stunning. Truly. You are such a great photographer.

  8. Gorgeous! I am sure in person it was even better - but these photos are so stunning I can't imagine how.

  9. Gorgeous! I don't even know what color to call those grapes. They are so beautiful that I think a new name of blue/purple has to be invented in their honor!

  10. Those photos are stunning! What a beautiful place!

  11. These are just beautiful Meredith!

  12. What an idyllic looking place, those grapes look juicy and ripe for picking!


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