Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BQOTD: Fall Love/Hate

Today's Burning Question of the Day is actually a two-fer: What's your favorite part of fall? 

And, what's your least favorite part?


  1. Favorite: Pumpkin patch visit, of course.

    Least Favorite: the return of football. I know it's so backward not to like this sport. But I really do hate it. Mostly because my husband disappears for hours at a time since he's obsessed.

  2. Favorite: Is it lame to say almost everything? The changing leaves, pumpkin everything (and patches), cooler weather, sweaters.

    Least Favorite: The first snow. Usually right around halloween for us.

  3. Favorite: colder temperatures!! and falling leaves, pumpkins, wearing jeans/sweaters again...I have to say, I love the change of seasons in general!

    Least favorite: Although it's also a favorite, the falling leaves. We have a TON of oak trees in our yard and once the leaves start falling it's a nightmare. We can clean them up one day and the next day it looks like we never did any work at all!

  4. I love those beautiful, crisp Fall days! However, there really aren't many of them and that's why I side-eye people who claim to like Fall. I also love the return of comfort foods like soups that you don't like to really eat when it's hot out and Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday :)

    Least favorite: Real Fall weather, read: rain, cold, gray, rain, cold, RAIN!

  5. Fav - the smells, pumpkin, cinnimon and apples!

    Least fav - the sunset getting earlier and earlier. I barely make it home after work and it's already dark! WTF!

  6. My favorite part is loading up the family and heading to the pumpkin Patch.

    Least Favorite; Since we live in the mountains knowing that it is going to start snowing any day and probably not stop until the middle of June. Blah!

  7. fall in southern oregon: stunning. mild, temperate days ... leaves changing to glorious colors ... pumpkin spice candles from walmart ;) ... making soups and comfort foods once again.

    the worst part? knowing that COLD DAYS are coming ...

  8. Favorite: people no longer staring at me when they see me wearing a scarf

    Least Favorite: the fact that a Canadian winter is just around the corner... the anticipation kills me :)

  9. Favorite: the leaves changing colors, going to the pumpkin patch, wearing boots, the cool weather, eating lots of chili and soup and root veggies, the anticipation of the holidays

    Least: Honestly, there is no part of fall I dislike. Even knowing that cold weather is ahead is tempered by the fact that the holidays are coming. Fall is my favorite season and I really love everything about it.

  10. Favorites - pumpkin everything and the best excuse buy and eat candy.

    Dislike - shorter days and less sunshine.

  11. Favorite: pumpkin pie, cooler weather, boots, football, hockey, scarves, cuddling under covers.

    Least Favorite: shorter days and rain.

  12. I love everything about fall.

    Towards the end of October we will have snow and I don't love that.... BUT once it starts snowing, I figure it's not fall anymore, it's winter. And I definitely do not love everything about winter ;)

  13. PUMPKIN PATCHES AND CORN MAZES! Least favorite: the fact that Texas doesn't really have a fall where the leaves change colors. No such thing as bright orange trees here. :(

  14. I love the changing weather. The leaves changing. The colors. The clothes.
    Least: it doesn't last long enough

  15. Favorite: rain, boots, sweaters, scarves, beanies, Starbucks, blankets, snuggling, cider, holidays.

    Least Favorite: that it has to end :(

  16. I love almost everything about fall - sweaters, pumpkins, holidays, etc.

    I HATE the allergies that come in the fall. I'm super allergic to ragweed and mold, and they're just now starting to peak in missouri. Ugh.

  17. Favorite: opening the windows at night to let the cool air in. It makes snuggling with my hubby necessary and thoroughly enjoyable.

    Least Favorite: I agree with MandeeFoFandee on the shorter days. Less time to enjoy the changing landscape and fleeting warmth.


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