Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Snippets

-I've been on a book reading kick lately. I've seriously been devouring books left and right, and I'm totally bummed that I wasn't quick enough to make the cut for the next two BlogHer Book Club selections! Also, I was super excited that you can now check out library books on the Kindle...except that the entire state of Oregon shares the digital collection, and it's just like the regular library--they have one or two copies of each book, and only one person can have it checked out at a time. I must have looked up 50 books on my list yesterday, and all of them had a wait list, most of them were over 100 people long. What a bummer!

-This morning, we're actually home with no place to go for the first time in weeks. So, we're giving underwear a shot for Lizzy. She's wanted to go potty here and there for the past month or so, and has had some success, but nothing consistent. So, we're giving it a shot.

-That said, I'm hoping that I'm not setting us up for failure here, because I also wanted to do some major house cleaning this morning, and I don't want to get distracted and miss any cues that she might need to go. Maybe I just need to let the house disaster go this morning and try and tackle it once she's down for her nap...along with all the other things I want to get done like working out, taking a shower, all that good stuff heh!

-I'm officially a month into Turbofire. I took before pictures, so I really should take some in-progress ones now, but I'm scared to, lol!

- I think we may be done with the crib here soon. I've watched Lizzy try to climb IN it a few times recently, but I've never seen her try to climb out. Still, I think it will probably be sooner rather than later. We're still trying to decide whether to convert it to a toddler bed, or just pick up a twin somewhere and keep the crib as a crib for any future bambinos.

-I've had a few photography shoots lately, which is awesome. But, the bummer is that I've noticed that I haven't been taking photos at home all that often recently, which is really sad. I don't want photography to ever feel like "work".


  1. I was reading old posts from the time you were expecting the lizard the other day. So my vote goes to keeping the crib.
    As for Working out GO YOU! I haven't been to spinning class in 2 weeks now. It will be hard to go back. but it's a MUST!
    Good Luck on potty training. My SIL is my hero, I hope I could be like her one day, she gave up on diappers before my nephew was even 15 months old. AWESOME I must say.
    I wish we even got Public Libraries around here,and that's just to show you the bright side of it. ;)

  2. Hope the potty training goes well. Eva is interested but doesn't want to sit on the potty at all. How does Turbofire compare to Insanity?

  3. Regarding the crib situation, we did convert Isaac's crib to the toddler bed (in which he slept last night with no rail at all, and didn't fall out!!). We plan to use his crib for future babies, but when that time comes, we'll get him a twin bed. Right now, I like doing the transition to toddler bed because if he does fall out, it's less than a foot to the floor. This way, he can get his bearings before he's in a taller bed. :)

  4. whoa underwear. craziness! you should definitely take some progress photos since you've been kicking some workout butt. go you!


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