Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shabby Apple Jewelry Giveaway

Y'all know Shabby Apple, right? THE go-to shop for beautiful dresses? {Their current Academia collection totally makes the not-so-secret book nerd in me swoon}. Well, they also have some pretty incredible jewelry and other accessories too...and the fine folks at Shabby Apple have offered to let me give this away to one of you lucky ducks:

Their Through the Looking Glass Necklace!

Now, here's the thing: while this necklace is beautiful just the way it is, it actually gets even better. See, it has a side clasp that allows you to slip something up to 4mm inside--like a photo, scrapbook paper, or a dried flower. Then, the glass has a fish-eye magnifying effect on whatever you've slipped inside! Cool, right? I love me a versatile piece of jewelry, and I'm jealous that y'all have the opportunity to win it!

Here's how to enter:
1. For your first entry, like Shabby Apple on Facebook. And just for kicks, I'd like to hear what you'd slip into the necklace if you were to win.
2 & 3. For your second and third entries, you can either follow Shabby Apple on Twitter, or follow their blog. You need to leave a separate comment for each action!!

Here's the fine print:
-This contest is open to US readers.
-The contest will remain open until Tuesday Oct 25th at 10am Pacific Time.
-The winner will be chosen via random.org
-You MUST have an email attached to your profile or leave an email address where you can be contacted.
-The winner will be contacted by email on the 25th and will have 72 hours to respond in order to claim their prize. If the winner has not responded within 72 hours, a new winner will be selected.


  1. I'm always hesitant to enter a contest first... but I love their Academia line of dresses! The blue shirt dress with the red jacket over it?! To die for!

    (I like Shabby Apple on FB)

  2. OOoh, cute necklace!! If I could get it small enough, I'd probably put a photo of my babies' footprints inside.

    I like Shabby Apple on FB.

  3. Also, I follow Shabby Apple on Twitter (@lovelovelovesar). Just FYI Mer, your twitter link is broken. :)


  4. Love their clothes! I'd put a flower from my mom's garden in the necklace. I "like" them on facebook. My email is laurabeth33 at hotmail dot com.

  5. Whhhaaa??? I have never heard of Shabby Apple, but I am excited to check them out. FYI, just saying...Oct. 25 is my bday. ;)

    I liked them on FB and am about to follow them on Twitter!!

  6. I am officially following them on twitter!!

  7. I love this! I would put a dried flower in it for sure. How unique!

    I like SA on FB

  8. oh love! I already like them on FB but i would put a photo of brady's little face inside or a flower from our wedding day :)

  9. Cute! I would put in a picture of Olivia if I could get it small enough.

  10. Boo for it only being for US readers... Boooo ;)
    I think I would put something reminiscent of the PNW in there...maybe a ferry, something Seattle-ish or maybe Rainer!! Awesome piece!

  11. liked them! I would put this little dried flower that I saved from when matt gave it to me in 2007! We had been dating one whole month and he was headed off to peru to teach.

  12. Lucky number 13....

    I followed them on twitter.....woohooo

    I would love to put a quote.....but I don't know if it would fit.

    "It's never too late to be who you might have been"


    "Leap and the net will appear"

    syncnflow at gmail dot com

  13. I liked them, I LOVE them!!:) So glad for the link from you!:) If I won I think I would put a black & white photo of my kids in the necklace, or change it with the seasons:)

  14. I like Shabby Apple on FB. I would put a flower from the roses my husband occasionally brings home for me.

  15. I am following them on twitter

  16. I am also currently following their blog

  17. I like them on Facebook! :) I'd try and put a pic of my boys in the necklace.

  18. I love the necklace! I think I would probably find a cute bird pic to put inside first :)

    I liked them on FB

  19. I really like this necklace, so cute!! I'd put a photo of my dear husband in it if I won it, he'd always be close to my heart!

    Pamela B.
    pamelabroome40 (at) yahoo (dot) com


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