Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letter to Lizzy- Twenty & Twenty One Months

Dear Lizzy-Loo,


Just within the last couple of weeks, you have definitely entered into the "do self" phase. In fact, you want to pick out your own outfit almost every day (you picked the outfit in the above photo and "styled" yourself, actually), and get very upset if I misunderstand you or if you just can't wear what you have in mind. Yesterday, you threw a 25 minute temper tantrum because I could only find your dark pink headband, and you wanted the light pink one. Your dad and I are trying to find that balance between teaching you that you can't always have everything you want at the very instant you want it and also just going ahead and fixing what we know is making you mad. It's a fine line to walk sometimes baby girl!


-You can count to 10, but can't necessarily count objects (i.e. if I ask you how many strawberries are on your plate, you'll just count to whatever number you feel like counting to).
-You correctly identify pink and blue most times. You correctly identify purple, black, green, and orange maybe 70% of the time.
-You are just starting to string together sentences, with the most common one being "Mama, WATCH ME!"
-You're really interested in climbing and playing like the big kids at the playground. You do NOT want anyone to help you at all, ever.

Funny Stories This Month:
-Of course, there's the Frog/Perry the Platypus slipper story.
-Another good story was when we were in the second-hand kid store. We passed the shoe section, and you gasped and said, "Mama, I LOVE shoes!"
-You and Logan were in the car, and you were being a stinker, trying to kick him (you are still rear-facing and he is in a booster). You couldn't quite reach him to kick him, so you just started pointing your toe at him, teasing. He didn't like that, so he licked your foot...and WHOO BOY, that made you MAD.
-We don't listen to rap that often, but I was listening to it the other day in the car. Ever since then, you've been "rapping" Jesus Loves Me".
-I tried to teach you to say "Trick or Treat" the other day, but you just walk around holding your pumpkin and saying "Twinkle Twinkle!"


Things That Were Hard:
-You've really been testing boundaries these past two months. You'll sometimes be doing something that you know you're not supposed to do, and say "Look mama, NO NO!" or, when I'll ask if you're supposed to be doing something (such as hitting when you're mad), you'll respond, "I want timeout," like you KNOW it's naughty, but you've decided to do it anyway. Not gonna lie, that's HARD.
-You've been getting your molars, so you've been VERY whiny this month.

Things I Love:
-Rocking you to sleep for your naps. It's still working well, and I LOVE that snuggle time, so we're still doing it!
-How much better you're able to communicate this month.
-You're finally interested in reading books again this month!
-At bible Study yesterday, the childcare workers told me that you are a GREAT helper. You always ask to wipe off the table after snack, help clean up toys, and like to sing to the babies as well.


  1. She has grown to be a Beautiful Little Girl!! already? why does time goes by so fast this days?

  2. She is seriously smart! I'm impressed. And SO beautiful.

  3. I'm amazed at how much she's talking!! These pictures are awesome, too. :)

  4. What a doll, and her outfit is soooo adorable!

  5. Love the outfit! And I love that you still rock her for naps. I rocked Brayden for naps and bedtime until about 6 weeks before K arrived! Loved that snuggle time.


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