Monday, October 10, 2011

BQOTD: Coffee

I think I may have already asked this once for the Burning Question of the Day, but if I have, it's been awhile...and so I'm going to ask it again!

Today, I'm curious--are you a coffee drinker? Do you brew it at home, or buy it somewhere? What's your drink of choice?

I used to buy it out a LOT while I was working (there was a coffee place next door),  but now I usually make it at home. We go through coffee so fast that we usually just buy Folgers, but every once in awhile my sister will bring me coffee from Caribou, which is a real treat since we don't have Caribou out here! I'm a recent convert to real-dairy creamer, so I usually add that and I'm good to go.

If I happen to buy coffee, I usually buy from a local drive-through chain, and order a non-fat caramel latte...but as soon as they start rolling out the Peppermint Mochas for the holidays, I switch over to those!


  1. I just got a package of Starbucks Italian Roast last week, it certainly made my entire week, coz we don't have Sturbucks here... (I know LAME)
    But I'm a coffeee lover nonetheless so...I would drink it even if it's
    a local unknown brand.
    and I always take some sugar.. I know.. I am a terrible person,.. but oh well..!

  2. I'm definitely a coffee drinker but not a "give me my coffee NOW!" kind of person :) Like you, when I worked, we often took breaks to a nearby coffee stand in the adjoining mall. I wonder how much money I spent back then :-O Now we brew our own at home and I honestly don't mind the cheaper brands. I'm not picky :) Over the summer, I made my own batches of iced coffee and it was to die for!

    And oh yeah, bring on those holiday drinks. SOOO yummy. I may have to find my own recipe and make some at home!

  3. I typically brew at home. I love Target's brand of Hazelnut Creme, but most recently have been turned on to Starbucks Caramel something...haha. With Bailey's chocolate creamer...yummy! If I do buy, my drink of choice is Dunkin' Donuts Caramel Iced Latte...Starbucks, it's Java Chip. :)

  4. If it's during the day & I'm out shopping, I'll hit up Sbux for a nice sugar fix, but as my morning coffee, I buy the flavored coffee from the grocery store (whatever happens to be on sale). It's usually more expensive than basic Folgers, but the taste is worth the extra few $$ for me. Then I always invest in flavored dairy creamer - usually whatever is in season!

  5. Love my Dark Roast Folger's! We've grown accustomed to drinking it black.

  6. We brew our own at home- usually store brand from Sam's Club (~$13 for 3lbs...we used to do store brand from Costco but we don't live near a Costco now- insert huge sad face here). I love coffee in the morning- at work I brew my own in a french press. YUM. Just a little almond milk and sugar in mine (honey is actually good too- seriously!). If I'm buying a "fancy" coffee I do a skinny vanilla latte- I can't do the sweeter drinks like I used to (ie caramel machiatto) because they're too sweet now!

  7. I'm a heavy tea drinker. Used to guzzle the coffee, but apparently it's bad for you or something. However, it's also nice, because then when I really want to get all pumped up I just have one cup and then I'm bouncing around the walls. So that's the upside.

  8. Uhhh LOVE me some coffee. Mostly I am just (literally) addicted to caffeine. Not good. I have two travel mugs of coffee every morning (trying to knock that down to one)... and then at least one diet mtn dew every afternoon.

    I used to buy a TON of coffee- there are two really nice local coffee shops right by my office. The prices and calories were getting to me though.

    I used some of our tax return last year to buy a Kuerig though- John doesn't drink coffee so I had no use for a multiple-cup pot. I mostly like flavored coffees.. The K-cups are starting to hurt my budget too so I got one of those reusable ones and just put regular (cheap) coffee in there. Just truvia and skim milk go in the coffee now.

    However... on Friday I had one of those salted caramel mochas at starbucks and LOOOVED.. and I love the caramel brulee at Christmas time.

  9. I'm not a big coffee drinker - I'm more of a tea girl. My typical starbucks order is either a chai tea latter or a vanilla rooibos tea latte (or an occasional salted caramel hot chocolate but those things have so much sugar it's scary).

    In the winter, I do sometimes buy pumpkin spice creamer and make really weak coffee in the morning...but the coffee is mainly just a way for me to taste that yummy creamer, haha!

  10. I'm not a coffee drinker. Love the smell, hate the taste. I do love me some chai, thought!

  11. I never used to drink coffee, but recently it's become a bit of a bad habit. I'm trying to drop it.

  12. Big coffee drinker here. I make mine at home - we buy the Costco Seattle's Best which our store actually roasts there in store. Occasionally if I need a pick me up I'll hit up the coffee shop connected to our building. It's everything from a regular coffee to a vanilla latte depending on my mood. I love chai lattes and used to go to Starbucks for them all the time too. Now I just buy the mix and make my own.

  13. I love coffee, and drink it each morning at home now that I'm a SAHM. It's a necessary treat! I am a snob when it comes to beans, but I buy in bulk from our local grocery. I figure it's way cheaper than a coffee shop ( where I order a latte or americano), so I'm okay with the expense.

  14. Every morning. We brew at home. Always. Unless we're on the go, and every once in a blue moon we'll stop somewhere (either DD or starbucks). I prefer my home-brewed coffee though. And no, we don't use any of those fancy machines. Simple, regular, ole coffee makers ;)

  15. I'm still developing a taste for coffee. Black coffee is hard for me, still tastes bitter. But a latte with caramel or a mocha or something similar is definitely up my alley. And iced coffee goes down like water! LOVE iced coffee...delicious.

  16. I totally used to be a caffeine-addicted coffee drinker, till I figured out that caffeine was a migraine trigger and had to quit. Have been coffee-free since 2005. And oh, how I miss it.

  17. oh yes, my friend, i am a coffee drinker. i cannot imagine life without it, being a {sleepless} mom of a 6month old! :)
    we are not picky and often buy folgers as well, although this weekend we got that ginormous container of costco brand and LOVE it (the one we used to have at work).
    once in a while, i treat myself to drive through and always get sugar free hazelnut breve ;)


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