Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snippets + BHG Giveaway Winner!

- Lizzy appears to be cutting her 2 year molars. Whoo Boy. We're talking fever, serious fussiness, etc. And yesterday? I changed like eight poopy diapers before noon. One day last week, I literally held her for her entire nap simply because she had been such a bear that day that I thought we could both use the snuggles. Also, all of a sudden she looks so much older to me.


-We watch Lizzy's cousin Logan on Monday and Wednesdays before he goes to afternoon Pre-K. On Wednesdays, all the kids wear a specific blue shirt for chapel, and Lizzy has definitely picked up on this, and noticed that she doesn't have a blue shirt like her older cousins and everyone else. The only problem? Right now, her rendition of "shirt" is "shit". So, almost every Wednesday when we get to church to drop Logan off, she runs through the church yelling, "I want blue shit!" at the top of her lungs. Awesome.

-The last two Saturdays, Justin's band has had practice on Friday night, and then a concert on Saturday, which is AWESOME for them, but has also definitely made it feel like we haven't had a weekend. I'm excited to have a weekend with nothing on the schedule this coming weekend!

-I'm almost three weeks into TurboFire now, and I do like it, even if I feel like an uncoordinated idiot most of the time trying to do the choreography.

-Let's just get right down to what you all are REALLY interested in, shall we? The WINNER of the Better Homes & Gardens New Decorating Book courtesy of Wiley Books is:

Congrats! Please shoot an email to labuenavidablog [at] gmail [dot] com with your shipping info (please include your phone number for the shipping label)!


  1. LOL, blue shit!!! What is it with BLUE? Brady yells, I WANT BLUE! I WANT BLUE! I have no idea what the heck he is talking about but obviously he wants something blue! LOL

    2 yr molars suck. End of story. We are in the whining, emotional, no sleeping stage of those. FUN TIMES! :)

  2. Oh, the blue shit story made my day. And Ella has that brown flowered onesie, too:)

  3. Sigh... I wanted to win. ;) But, I'm over it.

    She looks so darn grown-up in that photo. Wow! I think it could be the hair, but her face is also maturing. She's just too adorable.

  4. Lizzy is getting so big, I can't believe it! She has such beautiful hair. Our girls are losing that baby look, it's so hard to believe!!! Jillian has not gotten her 2 year molars yet but she is drooling up a storm lately and has a slight fever, I was thinking it was her middle teeth but now you are making me wonder......

  5. hahaha blue shit. love it. is that better or worse than my child talking about boobs and bras all the time?

  6. Ugh, i'm pretty sure that I read this on my iPhone and totally intended to enter but then never came back to it. Totally wanted that book!

  7. LOL!!! Oh my gosh, that's fabulous!!!

  8. I'm pretty sure I love this post so much that I'm going to be yelling "I WANT BLUE SHIT!" every morning while getting ready just to psych myself up for the day. Love it.

  9. Jaxon told our dog "Dog, shit!" today. He meant "sit"... BUT, we weren't in a church ;)

  10. Ahh, love the funny things kids say. I need to start a list of the hilarious things Jaxon has said recently... I love this age where they start talking but it's not perfect quite yet. :)

    And dang, I wanted that book. Congrats to the winner!

  11. Lizzie is just adorable. I'm sorry she's been fussy with her molars coming in--I can't imagine that is any fun at all.

    And, sheesh, won't you hook the kid up with a blue shit already?! LOL ;)


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