Friday, September 9, 2011


-It's been a busy week. Honestly, I'm exhausted! And lately I've been spoiled with Justin having Fridays off, but he's working today. Boo. I just might have to hit up Starbucks for a Salted Caramel Whatever to get me through the day...then again, it's still in the 100's here, so maybe I'll wait on it a bit.

-On Wednesday, I shot my first solo wedding. I've been asked once or twice in the past, but I'm just not really set-up to do anything other than outdoor, and so I've always referred them elsewhere. This time, I knew the couple, knew their personalities, and knew the venue, so I went ahead.


It was fun--a great experience. I'm not sure that I'll ever be strictly a wedding photographer (it's really the seniors, families, and newborns that are my true loves), but it's a fun treat every once in awhile to be able to capture someone's big day. Also, I feel like there are so many ways to learn and grow when it comes to wedding's just a good reminder that there's always more to try and learn.

-Speaking of weddings and photography, I also recently did my first senior portrait session of the year for some friends of the family. Dillon and his mom Vickie play on our co-ed softball team, and Dillon is actually the younger brother of my brother-in-law Justin (aka Stump).

Dillon (25)

Dillon (17)


As I was editing the pics, I realized that Dillon was actually the ring bearer/ junior groomsman in our wedding...and now he's a senior in high school. Way to make a girl feel old! Seriously though, I just love being able to take photos, and pray that doors will continue to open in order for me to keep on doing it!

-Thank you all for your prayers for Justin's Aunt Gina--I've wanted to update, but have just wanted to wait until I had some more information. Gina was actually released from the hospital, which is AMAZING, but may still need to have surgery? I'm not sure of anything other than the doctors are continuing to monitor her daily.

-Did you guys see the announcement over at {(in)courage} for the blog conference? We can never afford the cost associated with blog conferences, so it's kind of an exciting idea to me to be able to participate without the travel expenses. I just hope that even in a small town like mine, we'll have a group of women who want to meet!

-Lastly, if you're thinking about participating in the blog based devotional/Bible Study on Paul (see the button on the right sidebar for info), you should hopefully have your books by now and begin. If you don't have it yet, don't stress--the daily "homework" is literally only a short 1-2 page reading/devotion, and wouldn't be too difficult to catch up if you'd like to participate. It's different than any study I've done before, but I'm enjoying learning about Paul--Paul wrote my favorite book in the Bible (Philippians), but I also often struggle with his stance towards women, so it's interesting to study him on a more in-depth level and learn about him.

-I hope y'all have a marvelous weekend!


  1. You are such a wonderful photographer. I always enjoy seeing your shots.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Is it weird that I find it so funny that the groom is wearing a hat like that on his wedding day?!

    And girllll you are GIFTED at portraiture! SO amazing those pics...So awesome.

  3. What beautiful pics!! I know the newlyweds and that senior are happy to have you as their photographer.

  4. Beautiful portraits, and guess what? I'm hosting the {in}courage {in} real life meetup for Southern Oregon. :) So mark your calendar! (Location is TBD).

  5. I wish you lived closer. I'd totally hire you to take Ella's photos every few months!

  6. So jealous that you got to do a wedding! :) LOVE the photos! You are so talented.

  7. The ring bearer??? How long have you guys been married? Great photos Mer!

  8. These shots are so great! I am going to look into the blog meet I know very few people in my area.


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