Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Old (Painting) Mess

Our house is in a state of complete chaos...because I'm painting the living room. We'd picked up a ton of paint samples and taped them up to the wall, moving them around and checking them out in different light. Justin and I had differing favorites, but both also loved a third swatch by Glidden, which I was planning to see if I could have color matched to Behr. I've never used Glidden, but knew I liked Behr, so I figured why mess with a good thing. I had been holding off though because the nearest Home Depot is a bit of a trek from us, and it didn't seem worth it to drive out there just for paint--I'd wait til Justin got paid next, and we were out in that direction.

And then yesterday I was at Wal-Mart and remembered that Better Homes & Gardens has paint now, and it's made by Glidden. I had the swatch in my purse, so I headed to the counter, and sure enough, they could mix me up a gallon. I knew we could probably shuffle a few things around in our budget to make it work to buy one gallon and get started, so I went for it.


I'm not sure that I love it right now--it's definitely not quite as saturated of a blue as the photos I had for inspiration. But, it was definitely one of our favorites of the swatches when we saw it in all the different types of light and all the different walls (the wall on the right in the photo above seems to always be significantly darker than the rest of the room--probably because we don't have any overhead lights), so I'm pretty sure we'll like it once it's all painted and our stuff is back as usual. It's a lot less dreary and depressing than the gray (which my dad totally warned me about when we painted initially, but I didn't listen), so that's a plus.

Also, the paint is okay. I don't like it as much as Behr--it feels a little thinner, and I feel like I have to stir it more often while I'm painting. But, it's not a bad paint for the price point.


I've decided that painting when you have to shuffle around furniture, play kitchens, and a gazillion books is 856 times (rough estimate) more difficult than painting an empty house. I can't wait to be finished! In the meantime, I think we'll have a few Dora filled days around here.

PS- I mentioned that I want to do floating shelves on that wall as part of the wall gallery. Before, our floating shelves were espresso. They might still be usable, but got pretty banged up in the garage, so we may end up buying more anyway. If we do, would you buy white, or espresso? Our couches and bookshelves are espresso, but our desk (which the shelves will be above), a bench, the trim, and a few other pieces of furniture in this room are white...and then there's the hutch that is more cherry and doesn't match anything else in the room. Not sure which direction to go, and would love some advice.


  1. It looks great! I love the way it turned out. The first picture looked kind of white, but the second picture I could see the true color and I love it! Can't wait to see it when it's finished!

  2. I love the color!! What's the name of it?

    I would go for white shelves; they'll look so great with that desk!

  3. I would go white. Because it would tie it into the white cabinets in the kitchen. Looks very nice. You're such a suzi-home-maker.

  4. I think white shelves might match your inspiration pictures better. Personally I would go for espresso to for weight and balance...but I feel like maybe white is more you! ;)

    Painting is such a pain in the ass! Go you.

  5. I really like the color, too. It looks darker in the second photo, and I'll bet when you are all done it will really pop! I almost always have to remind myself that going lighter is almost always better in the long run. But that's just me.

    I'd go for white shelves, too.

    Also, love the picture of the running toddler in the first picture. A true day in the life. ;)

  6. I also love the color change! It might just take you a little bit to adjust to it before you love it... and it's hard to fully know if you like it until your furniture is all back where it should be. :)

    As for the shelves, I would go for white. I agree about it tying into your inspiration picture better, plus I just like the clean look/lines that white gives.

  7. I really love the blue. Sure its a little lighter than your inspiration pictures, but I think this tone is gorgeous! I think that white shelves would likely match what you are going for best, but since you also have espresso in the room, I'd try out the ones you have and see how you like them :)

  8. Love the blurry Lizzy! Try out the expresso - even if they are banged up and then you will know for sure. You could always paint them white or get new white ones.

    I love the color... it shows up better in the 2nd photo and once all the walls are done - the grey will be gone and the color will show even more.

  9. Pinterest is inspiring a lot of people! We currently have three paint samples splattered across our kitchen walls. I love the IDEA of painting...but loathe the actual process :)

    Love the blue! Kind of reminds me of our living room color. We have espresso shelves, end tables and entertainment center but light colored couches and light accessories. I like the combination.

  10. I love white for EVERYTHING possible, but we do have a lot of dark brown furniture/shelves/frames, too.

    Love the color!! This makes me very glad that we will likely paint our whole house before moving into it---I think living through a re-painting would be rather challenging. :)

  11. Lovely!!! Great color!!!

    I agree with Jessie on the white shelves, btw. ;)

  12. I think this color is so pretty! I love it! And I also love the splashes of toddler blurs in the pictures too :)

  13. I think I would go for white shelves. But I'm the worlds most indecisive person so who knows :o).


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