Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things That Make No Sense--Volume 1

 I've been noticing that with increasing frequency, the Kindle version of books cost more than the paperback version.  Here's a sampling of books that I looked up on Amazon today:

Her Fearful Symmetry (Audrey Niffengger): Paperback $5.42/ Kindle $11.99
The Other Boleyn Girl (Philippa Greggory): Paperback $10.88/ Kindle $12.99
Bossypants (Tina Fey): Paperback $10.87/ Kindle $12.99
The Help (Kathryn Stockett): Paperback $8.99/ Kindle $9.99
One Upon A Time There Was You (Elizabeth Berg): Paperback $10.20/ Kindle $11.99
The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted (Elizabeth Berg): Paperback $10.20/ Kindle $11.99
I Am the Messenger (Marcus Zuzak): Paperback $8.79/ Kindle $9.99
Sarah’s Key (Tatiana de Rosnay): Paperback $8.93/ Kindle $9.99

To me, this makes no sense--there are no printing costs associated with a Kindle version, so what could possibly justify charging more for a digital file than is charged for the paperback version, which requires paper, ink, etc?! I have yet to see a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon, and until I do, I REFUSE to purchase Kindle versions of books that are priced higher than their paperback versions. Take that. But seriously, isn't this a little bit laughable? It just plain old doesn't make sense.


  1. Really good point. My husband and I have been toying with the idea of buying a reader. This makes me think maybe we shouldn't. I still love the feeling of a book between my hands.

  2. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddd...that solidifies why I don't have a reader.

  3. That's so stupid! They should cost LESS even, not more!! It doesn't cost anything to make them!

  4. Ugh, I totally agree! My husband and I have epic debates about this issue. We have differing opinions on it.

    Does your library have an eBook lending program? The one my library is affiliated with is called Overdrive. I know a lot of libraries are starting to lend eBooks. I think you can even pay to be a member of libraries that do this... maybe a library in Philadelphia? Also, Amazon has a lending program that comes with their Prime Membership. It's like 1 book a month, but if you'd use the membership for other things it could definitely be worth it!

    Anyway, you might know these things already, but I thought I'd toss them out there!

  5. I just got a Kindle for Christmas and I was noticing the same trend while browsing for books. and not only are you receiving a book without the cost of ink or paper, but you don't have to worry about shipping prep either. makes absolutely no sense to me!


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