Monday, January 30, 2012

January White

Last week, we planted some basil and chives in a little window planter--I planned to plant some paperwhites, actually, but couldn't find them anywhere. There's no snow here, but I was in desperate need of some green...some life...nevertheless.

I photographed these using my nifty fifty lens and some extension tubes, which tend to give a more "fuzzy" and ethereal look, which I usually don't particularly like, but fit my mood somehow this cold January morning. And then I came across this song, and laughed--because just yes, to all of it...painting the walls a lighter shade of blue and all :)


So let's press undo.
Rearrange the old and call it new-
January white.

Every calendar is playing the same old trick:
A year will disappear, replaced with counterfeit
But we'll never really mind.

'cause if nothing else, we're given a little time
To change the game, a chance to redefine
Everything we are,
In our January white.


This year is a sealed envelope,
A culmination of hopes,
The lottery result that we've been crossing fingers for.

We could paint our walls a lighter shade of blue,
Or we could pack our bags and change the entire view
To January white.

If nothing else, we're given a little time
To change the heart in which we change our minds;
Our hourglasses turn.

This year is a sealed envelope;
With apprehensive hope
We brace for anything.
I swear, I understand that nothing changes that,
The past will be the past,
But the future is brighter than any flashback.


Well, we could let our guards down a little easier this time,
We could trust that when there's joy, there's nothing dark behind.
In spite of history,
Hope is January white.

This year, we're starting over again
Letter openers in hand,
A chance to take a chance.
I swear, I understand that the past will be the past,
And nothing changes that,
But the future is brighter than any flashback.

Song Credit: January White by Sleeping At Last (listen to this song on Song Cloud)


  1. There is something miraculous about growing a plant. Love your images.

  2. What a pretty lyrics. I love the idea of something green popping up.

  3. I've never really been interested in gardening but I have a few pots on our balcony and I love them. Just watching them grow, little by little everyday. Your photos are so beautiful!

  4. I can't wait to get kale into our garden - just a few weeks to go! I just love when I see that first sprout!

  5. Fantastic photo and caption. Bravo!


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