Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Because you KNOW we're way overdue for some snippets.

I'm feeling remarkably less-sore today. In fact, I think that after my allergy shot, I'm going to hit up the grocery store. I have a feeling I may very well regret this decision since it is a bag-your-own type place, but I'm going to do it anyway since I'd rather cuddle on the couch with Justin and watch Bones than go grocery shopping once he's home. Update: I did it. We're done and unpacked, and I'll be useless for the rest of the day. Ouch.

We've been following a new budget plan this month--it's a cross between Dave Ramsey and You Need A Budget (thank you Laura for the recommendation!). In a nutshell, we used to budget out all our set bills, and then say "okay, we have $XX left for everything else for the rest of the month." But then, when Justin needed new work pants or something, we'd say "Oh, we can't afford that," but then spend that same amount if not more on...I'm not even sure. Random stops at the Dollar Store. Junk. Now, we're budgeting every single penny, and in turn, we're using our money to buy more of the good stuff and less of the junk. Even better, we're actually holding regular money meetings--I'm convinced that communication was/is half the battle.

My post about how to use your 50mm lens as a makeshift macro was featured on BlogHer--yay! If you missed it the first time, be sure to check it out!

I'm feeling like I'm in a bit of a book slump again--Divergent, Matched, and Legend all came up for me at the library within the past couple weeks, and although they were all good, I feel like I've been reading nothing but teenage-distopian-love-stories lately. I need something new. Any suggestions?

Lizzy's at a little bit of a hard stage right now. It's just pouting and whining central. Case in point? The following conversation we just had:
Lizzy: Mama, I want Bible.
Me: Lizzy, we left it in the car. I'll get it for you after I unload the groceries.
Lizzy: Mammmaaaaa! I waaaaaannnnt Bible.
Me: I'll get it when I'm done.
Lizzy: Maaaammmaaaaa! I waaaaannnnntttt Biiiiiibbbbbblllleeeee!
I ignore her while unloading groceries.
Lizzy: Mamaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I waaaaaannnntttt Biiiible! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! Bible! Bible! I want Bible! I nneeeeeeeeedddd Bible! I love Jesus! I need Bible! Maaaaaaammmmmaaaa! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! Bible! Bible! I waaaaaannnnnnnttttt Bible!
Me: Lizzy, is that the nice way to ask for something?
Lizzy: No. Sorry mama. C'mere. I show you something. I waaaaaaannnnnnnnttttt gum.

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  1. Bwahahahahahahaha! Lizzie and Isaac are two peas in a pod!

    Love the budgeting and the feature!

  2. Congrats on the feature!

    Oh man, sorry but I laughed at Lizzy's conversation. Makes me feel a little more normal :)

  3. I also got a good laugh outta Lizard's demands. What a little shit, wanting to connect with God and whatnot. ;) Priceless!

    Good that you're less sore. Being sore is the pits!

  4. How exciting for the Blogher post! I hope you aren't too sore.

    I just wrote about similar frustrations with Eva... I think I might be losing my mind. Then I pop over hear - and it makes me feel better. Even though that is crappy for you.

    My post is perfect for that link-up so I think I am joining you!

  5. Oh yeah... that God comments are low blows Lizzy... not fair.

  6. My husband and I have been using Dave Ramsey principles with YNAB software for budgeting for over a year now and it's been *awesome*. Budgeting to zero was a huge help for us!

  7. I agree, communication is more than half the battle regarding money! Yay for keeping on top of things!

    re Books: I hate book slumps. I'm just finishing up Stephen King's new one: 11/22/63, it's AMAZING! Highly recommend. Good luck on finding your next best read!

  8. We love Dave Ramsey! The only problem we have is that my hubby thinks I am the "free spirit." Dude! I graduated at the top of my class in accounting, not to brag, it was a tech college. And I ended up with a totally unrelated degree. But still. ;) Glad to meet you through Sar's linkup!

  9. I have been debating trying out Dave Ramsey's strategies, I have heard so many good things! Keep up the great work with your budgeting. I am always interested in what other book lovers have to say, so I'm excited to keep up with your blog :) Happy Friday!

  10. What a great blog! Love that you semi-use Dave Ramsey. I just paid off another credit card thanks to that man. =)

    New follower, courtesy of our good pal, Sar!

    megs [at] Shine On


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