Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I get my stitches out today. FINALLY. They are driving me crazy. Starting yesterday, they started to itch terribly and are getting red and a little painful. Most people I've consulted said it looks like they're just ready to come out rather than that they're infected...I hope the doctor agrees!

I'm excited to hopefully get back to some real exercise soon. I've been walking on the treadmill with some regularity since I had the stitches, but after years of playing competitive sports, walking just doesn't feel like a "real" workout to me--which is probably something I need to get over. I know intuitively that it should just be about moving my body in some way every day, but I really love to feel that burn and exhaustion of really killing myself.

I'm starting to get the D&R itch (decorating & renovating for any non-nesties out there). First of all, I definitely want to paint the living room...a light blue sort of like this:

Or maybe this, though the paint color may be a little bright in this one:

I prefer Behr paint (or something that Behr will color match)--any suggestions? I also think I want to re-do our gallery wall to incorporate some floating shelves. My parents got us the most amazing wireless printer for Christmas, but it takes up a big portion of our computer desk (and even though it's wireless, the desk really is the best spot for it in our home). I was thinking that if we incorporated some shelves into our gallery wall, I might be able to find some cute hanging folders and/or boxes, they could help with the stray paper issue we're experiencing!

But as's a juggle between all of the projects that I WANT to do (i.e. build a table, organize our spare room, organize the garage), and having the time and money to do them!

You may (or may not) have noticed that my blog was blacked out yesterday in protest against SOPA. You may be sick to death about hearing about SOPA (good--have you done something about it?), or you may be wondering why people online are having such a fit about a piece of legislation designed to stop online piracy. Here's the deal--the idea of stopping online piracy and copyright infringement is a good one. However, this particular piece of legislation is pretty poorly written with lots of holes, and the practical application for a good portion of the internet, including bloggers, is SCARY. I'm not suggesting that there shouldn't be a piece of legislation designed to combat piracy (in fact, there's been an alternative piece of legislation drawn up by my own Oregonian senator that, with some tweaks, might be a good alternative), I'm just suggesting that THIS particular piece of legislation is a bad one. This article "Everything you need to know about Congress' online piracy bills in one post" is an excellent recap.

Link up, over at Life of Love


  1. Gosh those blue rooms are so pretty! I have no paint suggestions other than you should totally do that! Love it!

  2. I hope the itching goes away soon! I doubt they will for a while (think of a scab and how it itches; even if the stitches are out, I think it will still be a little dry and itchy) BUT at least you get them out soon!

    The light teal is gorgeous! I have a dark teal in my bedroom and although I love it, it's very bright and a little too distracting. I may paint it off-white soon (like the majority of my house) and then accent with teal instead. Who knows.

    I didn't know your blog was blacked out, but I tried to stay off the internet as much as possible as my protest. Stop SOPA and PIPA!

  3. mmmmmmmm I LOVE the blue. Do it. DO IT! :)

  4. Those paint colors are amazing! And I would just like that kitchen to be mine, please and thank you! :)

    I also signed a petition against SOPA and PIPA yesterday. It is really really scary.

  5. Popping by from Life of Love. I love the inspiration you're sharing with others on your "not-so-focused-on-the-specific-type" blog. Happy to be your newest follower!

    We think you'd love See Beautiful too!

  6. Love those blue rooms. I don't have a specific paint rec, but go wtih something that looks subdued on the swatch.

    Love the idea of floating shelves! Do it!

  7. Hope the stitches come out soon to ease that itching.

    That blue is so pretty. I've been wanting to paint something as well. We've lived in our house for almost 4 years and I'm getting tired of some of the colors.

  8. I love how clean those looks are! I especially love the light teal color.

    Hope your stitches (or lack of, now) feel better!!

    megs [at] Shine On

  9. Okay so that kitchen is my dream kitchen... I love that color. Go for it!

  10. I'm so glad you posted about SOPA because frankly? I had NO idea. :/ It gave me a lot to research and that's always nice because I like to be aware! Have been sans computer from July through December basically so it's good to be back and catch up.

    Hope your stitches weren't infected and I love the turquoise, especially the kitchen! Enjoy that new printer, wireless everything ROCKS. ;)

  11. I love that blue, can't wait until you have some after pictures.


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