Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mellow Yellow

For my birthday, one of the things that Justin got me was a set of extension tubes for my camera. I know that one of the main complaints when people switch over to a dslr from a point and shoot is that a dslr just doesn't handle macro shots that well. In the past, I've blogged about some work-arounds (such as turning your nifty fifty lens backwards and using a huge zoom to get the macro effect), and extension tubes are just another similar option. For less than $15, they're a good one, in my humble opinion. BUT, they do not work with auto-focus, so plan to shoot and focus on manual if you get them.

Here's my first time experimenting with the blooms from some star thistle weeds that my niece Shelby picked for me:





And with some petunias out front:




I'm still learning about how best to focus with this method, as well as which combos of lenses + tubes work best for different situations, but MAN, this is fun!


  1. Wow! Very pretty! I would like to blow some of those up and frame them!

  2. I love the vivid colors. These are awesome.

  3. These are the shots I dream of getting! Beautiful!

  4. So pretty! Love the color and the edge blur.

  5. So pretty! Love the color and the edge blur.


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