Thursday, August 18, 2011

How I Like My Kindle

At first, I wasn't sure what to think about the Kindle, or other e-readers like it. I mean, I love books themselves. I love everything about them. I love walking through the bookstore, browsing (have I mentioned that I absolutely and unashamedly DO judge books by their covers?). I just couldn't see how I would possibly love an e-reader more than I would love the real deal. But then, I saw a few reviews mention the idea that an e-reader doesn't have to completely replace reading "real" books, but is a handy tool in and of itself to use alongside real books. Duh.

At that point, a Kindle became something that I definitely wasn't opposed to, but I cast it out of my mind as something that might be fun, but just wasn't in our budget, like a Wii.

My parents surprised me with a Kindle for my birthday. It wasn't on my list at all, and they said they had no idea whether or not it was something that I even wanted, but basically that I'm a huge book nerd and they thought it would be a good fit. I was eager to try it up on our trip to Idaho, and try it I did. Here's a few things that I like about the Kindle, and also a few things that I wish were different:

Things I Like:
-The screen is glare-free, and uses a different kind of lettering than I'd seen on any sort of electronic previously. The matte finish really does make it feel like you're reading a "real" book.
-The Kindle was really nice and practical for the trip--especially since I had been reading the last Outlander book, which is just a monstrosity of a book. I keep a book in my purse all the time, but can't usually do that with the Outlander books...but with the Kindle I can. I can really see how the Kindle is a practical tool for anyone who travels frequently or commutes to work via bus or train.
-Lizzy can't pull out my bookmark! As soon as I turn the thing on, it defaults right to where I left off!

Things I Don't Like:
-Recently, I've gone to purchase a couple of books off of Amazon, and the paperback price will be $7.99, but the Kindle price will be $12.99. This ticks me off to no end...there is absolutely no reason that the price of an e-book should be MORE than the price of it's paperback counterpart. And in the end, Amazon loses out because I end up not purchasing the book at all, in either format.
-At this time, you cannot check out books from the library on the Kindle. Supposedly, Kindle users should be able to check out library books "later this year", but it isn't available yet. I think my love for the Kindle will increase dramatically once that functionality is available.
-Rather than page numbers, the Kindle displays what percentage of the book you've read. The only thing that's kind of irritating to me is that sometimes when you're reading a larger book like Outlander, it can say that you're 99% done. I'll think 'Oh, I'm almost there...I'll just finish it out,' but then two hours later, I'm still reading. 99% done can sometimes mean two pages, but sometimes it might mean 200.

Overall though, I really like the Kindle so far, and definitely agree that it has its place alongside "real" books, just not in place of them!

What do you think? Do you have an e-reader? Do you hate it? Love it? Do you want one desperately?

PS- This was not a paid review.


  1. I've been a self proclaimed e-reader hater since they came out. I just can't picture myself enjoying one, BUT... I've seen several fellow book lovers post about how convenient they are, so I may have to try it out. I'm thinking of asking for one for Christmas. I figure I can read everything I like on the Kindle, and then buy the book itself if it ends up being something I'd really like to add to my collection.

    I'm going to be starting the Outlander series soon as well, so I'm sure it'll come in handy then! ;)

  2. Yeah, I like my Nook. I esp. like that I can get library books with it, and I know you'll feel the same when the Kindle allows it. It's mostly just handy that I can also pick up a new book and don't have to wait. For an impatient person, that's key.

  3. i thought i would hate it, i love books, going to school to be a librarian even1 but i love it. like you said, it gives me the ability to bring a book with me all the time, which has come in handy at the grocery store... and for trips,you can bring loads of books but not be weighed dOwn.

  4. I pretty much feel the exact same way as you. I really do like my Kindle but it will never replace real books. I love the fact that I can just carry it with me wherever I go. And I REALLY love how I can just "pick up" another book without even getting off the couch or out of the tub. Not so good for our pocketbook but oh, so convenient! :)

    The percentage thing has always drove me nuts but it's not enough for me to put the Kindle aside for good.

    But I still love browsing through the libraray and Half Price books. I don't think any technology will ever replace that.

  5. I've had my Kindle for about a year and half. I thought I would hate it, but now it's my favorite thing. I love just having the itch to read a new book and getting it right then and there. Once they have the library function I think I'll love it even more.

  6. I'd love to check one out. We had an interesting discussion about them in grad school. That sort of setting--reading tons of books you really have no emotional attachment to and don't want to have lying around--would be ideal for an ereader. The only problem--and it's a major one--is that it'd then be impossible to cite information with any more specificity than chapters, which doesn't really work. If they implemented a cross-platform system for consistent reference marking... my god, what a thing that would be.

  7. I have a Kindle 3G and really like it but I wind up doing a lot of reading through my Kindle app on my phone. The Kindle is kind of bulky to hold with one hand while BFing. I kind of wish I'd gotten the Nook or something in color. Especially when my neighbor got hers connected to the android system. No idea how she did that but it can do anything her android can do.

  8. My sister has two Nooks, so I'm currently borrowing her old one and I like it. I'm taking it to a bachelorette party this weekend and Oregon next week and I'm excited that I A) won't have to pack books and B) can buy them as I need them. But I'm cheap, and I still favor the library (which you can use with the nook, but the selection isn't great).

  9. I have the sony (it was cheaper- A LOT- when they first came out) and it's been a GODSEND considering I live on the backside of the world and we don't even really have a library. That being said, as soon as I read something that I absolutely LOVE (the Hunger Games, for instance) I immediately go online and order the flesh and blood books so that I can hold them and smell them and turn the pages. So I'm not only NOT saving money, I'm losing money. And I don't know about Kindle book prices, but sony prices are amazing, and like I said, it's not like I can just head out to WalMart or Barnes and Noble and buy an actual book, I'd have to order it and pay shipping and then wait. And wait. And wait. So I love mine. And I think in time you'll LOVE LOVE yours too, it just takes a while. And for me, it will NEVER replace that feeling of opening a book. It just can't.
    And anyone who says they don't judge books by the covers is a LIAR. Ever read My Sister's Keeper? I had no idea who Jodi Picoult was (gasp) or what the book was about, but the cover was so neat that I bought it on the spot and read the entire thing that night.

  10. Brandon surprised me with the Nook Color for Christmas and I LOVE it. I love that I can take my whole library anywhere with me, that it has internet access, and that I can shop Barnes and Noble at any time for something new.

  11. I have been so reluctant to even try one... I love books and the library so much. But I must admit my jealousy when my husband reads on the porch without a light source and I am leaning into the citronella candle trying to read my heavy library book.

  12. I have a Kobo and just upgraded it to the Kobo touch and I LOVE IT. I never thought I would and it wasn't something I would have ever bought for myself, but John got it for me. It's similar to the Kindle in size and glare free screen, but is lighter. The touch is amazing and it's faster than the regular Kobo was. My main reason for wanting it over the Kindle is that it takes ALL formats of books, whereas the Kindle only does Kindle format. It makes searching for books at the best price a lot easier.


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