Monday, August 8, 2011

A Birthday to Remember...Or Maybe To Forget.

First of all, I'm just going to give a general warning that this post is gross--it includes puking, the stomach flu, poop, and just general suckiness. You have been warned.

So, on Sunday evening, Justin came down with what appeared to be the stomach flu. I went to bed HOPING that maybe it was just heat exhaustion from our hike on Sunday morning, but by about midnight it was apparent that it was either the flu or food poisoning, as I was in the thick of it too.

I (along with Justin, who even stayed home from work, which NEVER happens) spent my birthday either with the stomach flu or food poisoning...either way, I couldn't wait for the day to be over. It was just miserable. And poor Lizzy just wanted us to play with her so badly, but it was all we could do to lay on the couch.

Despite valiant efforts by my parents to make me feel a little better, including bringing over my birthday present anyway (a Kindle and some vintage turquoise Pyrex!), the day continued to go downhill quickly.

You see, sweet Justin laid Lizzy down for a nap not realizing that you can no longer lay her down in just her diaper. I went in to get her after several hours (she hadn't slept, but seemed to be playing happily in her crib), and she had taken off her diaper, and there was poop EVERYWHERE. All over her, all over the crib, everywhere. I couldn't help it--I puked. It was disgusting.

Lizzy said, "Mama, NO, NO!"

And then I sobbed. Full on, uncontrollable ugly-cry sobbed. Of all days--why on the day that even a commercial for food made me toss my cookies, why was that the day that I had to deal with poop smeared ALL OVER?! And on my birthday no less? It was just the suckiest of days. After I lost it, sweet Justin cleaned up the mess and gave Lizzy a bath.

We both still feel bad (I'm writing this Monday night), but have thus far managed to keep down a piece of toast and some ginger ale. We are both still dealing with fever/chills and extreme muscle ache and abdominal cramping though. Renee told me that poor Payton and Logan both threw up today too--we spent Saturday night and Sunday morning with them, so like I said, I'm not sure whether it's the flu or food poisoning, though none of us all ate the same thing while we were together, so I'm kinda leaning towards the former.

Either way, it was just a really shitty day. Literally.


  1. Oh, no. :( I'm sorry you had such a lousy birthday. I hope you are feeling better!

  2. oh ma gah.. that sounds terrible. but i am sorry.. i giggled a little. you have my permission to laugh at me in a few years when i am in your position.

  3. You poor thing!...
    Here's an idea, you should totally make it up by choosing any other day of the calendar and just pretend it's your B-day again!
    Wish I could send you a B-day Gift.
    Oh my... call me {over} sensitive but I totally feel your pain..
    Happy belated birthday Mere, I hope you get well soon.

  4. oh Meredith. that SUCKS. I hope you guys get to feeling better soon!! Happy Birthday!

  5. um, ick. And on your birthday, none the less? Maybe someday it will be sort of many many years:)

  6. Major bummer!! I agree that you should pick another day soon on the calendar and live it up. Feel better soon!!

  7. Oh my goodness, how absolutely awful!! So sorry, Mer. :(

  8. :( So sorry. Hope you all are feeling better soon!

  9. yeah, pretty sure that is in the 'not allowed on birthday's' rule books somewhere. Sorry it was a crummy day! I think a REDO is in your future! Happy birthday!

  10. YOu definitely need a birthday do-over. I am sorry you had a crappy day :(


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