Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh sweet Justin...

Just a short story about my sweet husband this morning that I think is hilarious....

So, my birthday is on Monday. I've mentioned before that Justin isn't always great about actually buying presents for my birthday or any other holiday.

This year though, he has been on top of it. He made some awesome plans for our anniversary with the help of the other Justin and Kelsey, and apparently, he has already ordered a present or two for my birthday.

I know this because yesterday, I got an email from Amazon on my Blackberry. The subject line said, "Your order of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day has shipped." Bless his heart....he ordered my birthday presents from my Amazon account, and consequently I keep getting emails from Amazon that tell me exactly what I'm getting right in the subject line. Luckily, the rest of the emails have truncated after the first letter of whatever it is that I'm while I could guess, I don't know for sure, and I'm hanging on to that!

I couldn't help but laugh :)


  1. Too hilarious!

    Jesse always orders stuff on our Credit Card for Birthdays/anniversaries, sometimes months in advance, and I look at the statements and I'm always thinking "what in the heck did I order from _______" and when I ask him about it, he is a horrible liar! lol....

  2. Totally something my husband would do! :)

  3. Funny, but sweet! Yay, Justin. :) Jarrod did this with Amazon at Christmas time and my birthday, so, I can relate. :)

  4. My husband did the exact same thing for my birthday... only it was from my Etsy account. Poor guy just didn't think of making his own account :) I knew exactly what was coming. Oh well- it was still sweet!

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  6. haha, that is so funny! definitely a sweet gesture, and he's making big improvements! :)

  7. Awwwww Sweeeeet! {that's an totally deserved 'Aww" Justin}

  8. Haha, my boyfriend did the same thing. He added a camera to my Amazon shopping cart for my birthday. I went on to look for something else & found my shopping cart with the camera in it. Boys!! :-)


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